Friday, October 8, 2010

I've been thinking

A journalist contacted me this week to ask if she could interview me about my "struggles" with weight because she's writing an article about fat dietitians (my words-not hers). She sent me a few questions to ponder and I actually pondered. I decided that I no longer consider my weight to be a "struggle" issue. I'm not thinking about losing weight any more. I'm healthy. Healthier than a lot of skinny people I know. I'm sure there are evil things happening deep in my body-I'm getting old and I do have to die one day and I expect I'll die from "something". But I don't have any of the usual maladies associated with obesity and/or aging. A few aches and pains in the morning but they go away quickly. And maybe a few grey hairs but that's not from being fat. I do want to continue to eat the way I know I should be eating-meaning lots of plant foods and lots of water and happy amounts of cheerful foods like ice cream and fried chicken and pizza.
Losing weight probably won't do anything for me. Blood pressure and blood sugar are normal. Cholesterol is fine. Back doesn't hurt. Feet don't hurt. Legs don't hurt. I'm agile and fleet of foot. If I lost weight, my chin would hang more, my butt would wiggle more, my boobs would hang even lower. What's the point?
So I thank her for sending me those questions. Bye bye dieting. Bye bye restriction. Now if I could just be more mindful----

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Another reality tv show aimed at us fatties

Thintervention. Catchy play on words. Caught my attention. Another BRAVO reality show--this one copied straight from The Biggest Loser. Only the name has been changed. Two trainers. One dominant and bitchy. The other laid back. One male. One female. Lots of name calling. Not much comaraderie on this show, though. If I thought the advice on BL was bad, this one wins the prize for handing out ridiculous platitudes and misinformation.
I had watched the original Jackie Warner reality show a few years ago. Watched as Jackie spent most of her time building her business and fighting with her girlfriend and mother. She spent very little time training anyone. She was attractive and, although not particularly intelligent "sounding", she was ambitious.
This new show is very disturbing. First, Jackie looks terrible. Yes, her abs are gorgeous and her arms are toned. But her hair and her skin look really bad--she definitely does not look healthy.
I will admit that I have not seen all the episodes but what I have seen is enough to make me hope that the show is not renewed.
Ms. Warner is obviously promoting a book, one written without (if I am understanding her premise) a shred of scientific knowledge. "Clean eating". Yes, good buzz words. But she spouts some pretty ridiculous crap on the show when she opens her mouth. My guess is that there was a ghostwriter for the book.
I won't attempt to argue with her knoweldge of exercise science (although I'd again guess that science is not her strong point) but her knowledge of nutrition is sketchy and suspect.
Most of us dietitians recommend a weight loss of approximately 2# per week. That's the norm. Of course, we fatties are not "normal" so we can throw that out the window. But we all know that some weeks we might lose five pounds and others just one. And it might not have anything to do with how hard we worked out or what we ate. Our bodies rule us. There are hormones, especially if you're female, that both help and hinder weight loss. And then there are unknown reasons that might account for fluctation in weight loss that have to do with metabolism and the body's defenses. In the end, we just want to lose weight (well, I want to lose FAT. I don't care what I weigh!).
Ms. Jackie berates her fatties for losing only two pounds in one week. She accuses them of cheating. In fact, it appears as though on the next episode she will be bringing in a lie detector because she is certain they are lying.
One of the contestants, Stacy, has revealed that she has polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). Of course, she doesn't blame PCOS for her weight because she has admitted to overeating in the past. But having PCOS makes it very difficult to lose weight. And, yet, Jackie brings her to tears with accusations of cheating and not working hard enough. That's criminal.
Thintervention needs a dietitian to help Jackie understand how the body works. Please, someone, help Jackie Warner. And, will someone get this woman an aestheticisan for her skin and a hairdresser for her hair.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

I'm not dead yet

I've deserted you. I haven't posted in forever. And yet, interestingly, according to google analytics (tracks number of people who read blog) pretty much the same number of people are finding and reading this blog each day. So I apologize to all who have come here looking for something new and timely. Perhaps tomorrow.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Blog URL for Biggest Loser contestant expose

For those who asked, the blog where I first read about The Biggest Loser contestant is

Eat what you want

I've had it up to here (picture me holding my hand above my head, please) with people writing about "eat whatever you want and lose weight." Then they list the easy to follow steps like "stop when you've had enough." Holy shit. If I could stop when I had enough fried chicken or ice cream, all would still not be well. Truth is, when something tastes really good, I don't want to stop. I CAN stop but I don't want to. Tastes too good. If something tastes like crap or just not great, I can stop after one bite and walk away.
Plus, even if I stopped when I'd had "enough" (whatever "enough" is) fried chicken, that wouldn't work. You cannot eat whatever you want. Can all these thin people stop telling me that I can eat whatever I want or that the secret to weight loss is to just stop when I've had enough. I want so badly to "believe" in mindfulness and intuitive eating as a way to lose and maintain my weight but I have been unable to STOP when something tastes good. I don't eat until I'm ready to explode (don't like discomfort) and I surely know when I "should" stop because I know I'm not hungry any more. Not hungry for food but still hungry for the flavor and texture of the food (if it's fried chicken, for example). It's all in my head....I suppose.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Nothing is ever as it seems

I've been reading the blog posts of an interview with one of the former contestants from The Biggest Loser. The contestant is blowing the whistle on what goes on at "The Ranch". I'm not shocked or surprised by what the contestants do to win. I am shocked that the professionals are either helping them achieve thru means less than healthy and/or are aware of the shenanigans and turn a blind eye.
A relative of mine is a script supervisor for a very popular reality show. Script supervisor? It's a reality show. Yes, there is a script or a story line. And, yes, editing is often very creative. But I wanted to believe that The Biggest Loser, because there are MDs, dietitians, personal trainers all associated with the show....I wanted to believe that even though the exercise regimen was way too intense for unfit obese people and the diet seemed a bit restrictive....I wanted to believe that they were training the contestants to lead a healthy life. According to the recent writings, that's not the case.
I mentioned in a previous post that one of the finalists in this last season frightened me because he was so intense. I was worried that he would do anything, including starving and dehydrating, prior to the finale to win. And not because I thought he wanted to win the money but because he just wanted to win!
Not sure if The Biggest Loser will send out a response to what's been publicized about the tactics the producers/trainers use on the show. And would I believe it? I interviewed a former winner (Ali Vincent) and found her to be quite "normal", very fit looking and excited about the opportunities that the show gave her.
I don't know. I'm going to have to think about this for a while. The show was beginning to get pretty boring and annoying this last season: too many product placements; too many repeated segments. And too much of Jillian overstepping her bounds--she's a trainer for goodness sakes but she was acting as though she had several degrees in psychology (yes, I know her mother is a shrink but the knowledge isn't passed from mother to daughter thru the placenta).
Disillusioned. Disappointed. Dissatisfied.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to fried chicken

Happy Birthday to me. Now pass the fried chicken.
Recent articles have called into question the validity of using the BMI to determine fatness. Hah! Vindicated. I called it on that one a long time ago. Waist measurement is a way better quickie method.
Back to fried chicken for a minute. A dietitian wrote in earlier today to one of the list servs that she has the opportunity, for an unmentioned sum of money, to have her name and possibly likeness put on a food product label. I'm sure it's a food product that is "healthy". I wondered what food product I could possibly endorse.....besides fried chicken, I mean. Potato chips. For sure. Pepsi. Ice cream. Hmmm. Better not.
But back to fried chicken for a minute. Haven't had any. In fact, been eating pretty well lately. Because I'm not thinking about dietiting. That's why. Thinking about dieting makes me hungry. Eating whatever whenever keeps me satisfied. Sometimes it doesn't work but it is working right now.
A few weeks ago, I baked nutella cupcakes (don't even ask...they're amazing) for an event. Saved a few and put them in freezer. They're still there. Untouched. Knowing they're there. Knowing I can have them whenever seems to make them less tempting.
But back to fried chicken. It's my birthday. I could tell myself that the best gift I could give myself would be the gift of a healthy meal. But instead....back to fried chicken.

Friday, June 4, 2010

When worlds collide

Standing on (in?) line at supermarket and reading the cover of women's magazine: "Lose weight for life". Cover photo? A big heaping plate of luscious fried chicken. Side by side. No kidding. Did editorial staff make a blunder? Did anyone notice the juxtaposition of gloriously caloric fried chicken and touting diet article? Should have bought magazine. A classic.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Bikini body

Women's magazines. They all tell me that it's the time of year when I should be getting back into shape (the presumption is that I sat on my fat ass all winter, drinking hot chocolate and bemoaning my lack of opportunity to exercise as though the gym was closed due to cold) so that I can be ready to hit the beach in my string bikini. As though a person who did sit on her fat ass all winter could indeed be beach ready in a few short weeks doing some push ups and ball tosses.
What about those of us who will never have bikini bodies? Where are the articles for us? Oh, yes. There's always something on the best bathing suit for your body. If you're pear shaped, wear this. If you're apple shaped, wear this. What if you're just plain fat? What should we wear? Big arms, no waist, ample chest, protruding belly, big butt. Is there a bathing suit for us? Will a well developed calf muscle take the viewer's eye away from the the purple veins that line an otherwise almost albino white leg?
In Body Pump class last week the teacher said to work hard so that we could have "sun dress ready arms". My arms will never be ready for a sun dress. No matter how hard I work out. No matter how much weight I lift. Do the other women in the class believe that their arms will be sun dress ready just because they swing a few weights around? Do they see what I see when they look in the mirror? Do they see what I see when I look at them?
So, alas, the magazines don't tempt me to buy them with their cover stories. The articles do not appeal to me. I have a never to be bikini ready body and arms better kept secret from the world.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Biggest Loser Finale Finally

I guess I could have worse obsessions than watching The Biggest Loser. I mean, being obsessed with a TV show can't be all that bad. Last night was a problem, though, since I'm also obsessed with watching the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs with the Lakers (Go Suns!). Yes, I have a DVR and, yes, it was set for both just in case I missed something. I did switch back and forth during commercials, time outs and half time--enough to see most of the contestants and to see Michael win.
Yeah! Michael won. I will watch the whole show today if I have time but I am happy that Michael was the winner. What a motivator for all the very obese people around the country. Not only did he win but he looked great. Yes, he's young and that makes a difference. But he did have muscle definition on his arms and nothing hanging around his face although I'm sure his legs and his lower torso have some extra skin. What a triumph. How amazing he must feel physically to be rid of all that weight. His smile--his grin--tells it all about how he feels emotionally.
So, what have we learned from all of this? That people can lose weight no matter how big they are. That with support and dedication people can lose weight without resorting to surgery. But can people keep the weight off. And can people do this on their own. That's the real issue. Can just any ordinary person who weighs 500 pounds do this without having Jillian and Cheryl Forberg, RD, and the docs? Can just any ordinary person who weighs 500 pounds do this while living at home surrounded by food, by family and with the stresses of job and life?
I guess it's "yes" because people do succeed at weight loss and maintenance. But I think it's sort of like abstinence from drugs and alcohol, the losing and maintenance has to become an obsession--has to become the "work" of your life. Right now I'm obsessed with a TV show. To transfer that obsession to losing and maintaining weight loss has never been doable for me in the past.
You know how people have a "bucket list" of stuff they want to accomplish before they die? Well, I'm getting old (66 next month!) so I don't have that much time left. If reaching a healthier weight is on my list (and it is), then I'd better figure out a way to accomplish that.....soon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just an observation

While resting between sets of lunges (can you feel my pain?) this morning, I got into conversation with my trainer (my way of "resting" between sets is to jabber and get her to forget how long I have been resting) about how we all look at what people have in their supermarket shopping carts and make judgments about them. Look, I do it even if you won't admit that you do it.
You see someone who is fat (fatter than you). She/he has ice cream in the cart. You say to yourself, "That explains it." What you're really saying is, "I wish I had the guts to buy ice cream. I really want some."
You see someone who is drop dead gorgeous--svelte, buff, tanned--everything you are not. He/she has ice cream in her cart. You say to yourself, "She probably eats it and throws up."
What you're really saying is, "Life's not fair. How come she can eat that high calorie stuff and stay slender?"
Intuitive eating would recommend you not torture yourself. Buy the ice cream. Feel no shame or guilt. Eat enough to feel satisfied. And forget about what other people are doing!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Biggest Loser Review

Gosh, it's almost over. Who will win? I have my favorite. Want Michael to win. Although Ashley's okay as well. And Darus. That would be fine with me. But not Koli. His intensity is frightening and I fear he will starve himself before the finale to win. To maintain the loss, it has to be a lifestyle and I don't believe that Koli has fashioned a lifestyle for himself. I think that the other three faced some of their demons when they were home. Darus still has some work to do since he turned to food right away. Ashley is working it out. Michael has a wonderfully supportive family. And I believe he will want to help his sister so he should be able to stick to the plan. It's hard to think of Michael as being as young as he is since he's such a huge guy. He seems, even with the loss, to be older. But I'm reminded of how young and inexperienced he is whenever he speaks. I am impressed with what he's accomplished, though. And I feel his pain--that he is still a fat man even though he's lost over 200 pounds.
I must reiterate how much I hate hate hate the product placement in the show. Jennie O turkey. Come on guys. It's annoying. It turns me off. Isn't it enough to say to use ground white turkey in the show and then follow that up with a commercial from Jennie O? I don't watch infomercials. If Biggest Loser becomes one big long infomercial, I'm outta here. 'Nuf said.
Interesting how Jillian has become a different person-still a little cursing but none of the insane Marine style training and name calling from the past. A nicer kinder Jillian is a better trainer and infitely more watchable. Bob? I'm neutral on Bob right now.
I look forward to the finale. And how will the winner look in six months? One year?
Arizona Ali has made being the Biggest Loser winner her life's work. She looks great. She is a motivating individual. What a gift for her to have lost the weight and found her "calling".
Is that what it takes? I would love to hear about all the finalists and how they've fared. Not because I want to point a finger and say nah nah nah, they couldn't maintain it. But because I'm curious. Is it necessary to become totally involved in fitness (a la Ali) or can one go back to regular life, regular job and maintain the weight?
Since we all can't be on the show (I'm not showing anyone my navel and I'm not jumping off tall buildings), what is the advice that we take from the show to help ourselves? Exercise? Gosh, we already knew that. Eat less? Eat Jennie O turkey? Drink Biggest Loser protein drinks? Eat Cheerios? Chew sugarless gum? I'm not sure any new knowledge has been imparted.
I know I watch because I get involved in the stories of the contestants. I want to know more about them; I want to watch them succeed. And that's all it's about. This show only changes the lives of the contestants. Although I guess that hundreds of people watching the show may have been empowered to make changes because of the success of the contestants. So, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is lasting good. Or maybe it's just entertainment.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Better for you french fries

I am not sure why I wasn't asked to participate in the taste testing since I'm a french fry maven ( but I'm so thrilled to read that a healthier AND better tasting fry is on its way.
Rings instead of strips. Interesting. Love love love food science when it works to make my palate and my body happy.
I guess there's be a new french fry cutter in the houseware stores soon. One that cuts rings instead of strips. So don't sell your fry baby at the next yard sale. Hold onto it. You could be frying up ring fries some time soon.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

And so the frenzy ends

Back home from trip to Portland. Alas, WW will not see me tomorrow for weigh in. Or any time soon. I joyfully admit to over indulging while on the trip. It was a food conference, after all.
The best: the food carts on Alder between 9th and 10th. My favorite was Sasawadee, a Thai cart. The best, and I do mean the best, Pad Thai I have ever tasted. Salty, sweet and sour. All beautifully balanced in a moderately spicy sauce. Wish I could have some right now. And the woman who runs the place, loved her because she loves what she does. Customers lined up. She knew most of them and their "regular" orders.
The Farmer's Market near the University: Wow. Speechless. Mushrooms. Colorful carrots. Lots of stuff we don't get here in the desert. Beautiful vegetables. Wished I had a kitchen to cook them in. Crowded. Bustling. Multigenerational and multicultural market. Best chocolate chip cookies from Pearl Bakery. Tasted Montreal bagel for the first time. Not a NY bagel but still good. Stood on line for an eternity for a fried chicken (yes, fried chicken) biscuit from Pine State but they ran out as soon as we got to front of the line!
Pizza from Apizza Scholls. Bacon pizza. Cannot describe how delicious that was. They add raw strips of bacon which cooks while pizza cooks so rendered fat becomes part of flavor. Hello! Jalapeno, walnut pesto, ricotta pizza was least favorite but still pretty good. Crust was amazing. Smoky. Actually cooked all the way through. Loved it.
Nostrano: great meal especially the pork chop with tomato jam. Packed with people still waiting at 10 pm. Not like my sleepy Phoenix town!
Clyde Commons: on a Tuesday night, not a seat in the house at 9:30 at night. Turning people away. Not our favorite restaurant. Noise level and food aimed at "younger" foodies.
Kenny and Zuke's: Yeah, not gonna cut it for us. Pastrami not even close to Langer's. No contest. Thickly cut. Too smokey for our tastes. Not fatty enough. Chopped liver was pate consistency....that's not chopped liver. And they served it with....Kalamata olives! Come on, people. But I did have a cream soda.
Other carts: Korean (my husband's favorite but not mine); Greek (excellent). Husband also liked Turkish cart. I didn't get to eat at all the carts. Had to attend meetings!
Heathman: always good. Just a quickie lunch before leaving for airport. I decided to have something I've never eaten in my life: steak and eggs. Two perfectly poached eggs (perfectly poached) with tasty steak, home fries and grilled asparagus. Hollandaise was sort of overkill and tasteless. There was already enough fat on the plate to kill a horse. Worth the assault on my arteries.
Oh, almost forgot Pok Pok: Good flavors. Didn't blow us away. Cleaned our plates anyway!

Back to reality today. Eating with a little bit of mindfulness. Just a hint. Went to the gym. Thinking I might actually cook dinner tonight EXCEPT that it is fried chicken night at NOCA so who knows. One more splurge. Just one. Tonight.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Let the eating frenzy begin

Tomorrow morning I leave for Portland to attend International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) meeting. This would be a great test of my ability to eat intuitively and to make healthier choices. It would be if I were willing to test those abilities. I'm not. At least not at a foodie event. A five day foodie event. In a great food city. With so much fresh fish and local veggies and young chefs. Give me a break. No way. I've already lined up the restaurants, perused the menus, made my mental choices. I'm ready. To eat. I'll try to avoid the Pepsi trap. And I might stay away desserts or perhaps take one bite. But the "food". I have to . I want to. I will. So WW be damned for this week. Points out the window. Elastic waisted pants? Packed. Big billowy shirts? Packed. Umbrella? Packed. Sneakers and work out clothes? Packed. Ready for the party.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Back at WW

Almost forgot to report my first week at WW. So, not exactly committed this time. Not keeping a log of what I eat or counting points. Did weigh and measure and stayed away from foods with too many points. Because I'm so old I only have 20 points plus the 35 extra for the week plus the exercise points. Not really a lot so once I've had my porteins, dairy, fruits and veg, there isn't much left for anything else. Boo hoo.
Without following the diet but also sort of following the diet, I lost 2 1/2 pounds the first week. Way less than I probably would have if I'd been accountable but still a weight loss.
This week. Another story....well, the same story only worse. Have not written down anything. Have not looked up anything. Have eaten out. Had french fries. Had ice cream. But still not in the quantities I would normally consume. Not sure how this will play out. I believe I'm within points even with those foods because of activity but not sure. Moment of truth is noon on Monday when I get on the scale.
Meeting kills me. But I go. And I stay. Best thing about WW and about the meetings is that the leader is kind and always helpful. Very large woman joined. Leader treated her with dignity and kindness. Woman had some trouble getting on scale. Didn't want to take off her shoes. Probably would have had trouble taking them off and putting them back on. Bravo for the woman, though. She came. She got weighed. She faced probably one of her biggest fears--the scale. Hope all goes well for her at the first weigh in on Monday so that she feels some sense of accomplishment.
Think perhaps I am not sticking to the "rules" because I am finally being more mindful and intuitive. I'm not eating unless hungry. Not waiting until starving. Stopping when I've had enough. Even if there's still food and it tastes good. So paying for WW but actually following my own program.
WW now uses mindful approach. Each time I join there is another element added.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Morning After

It's the morning after The Biggest Loser. I've had time to mull over last night's episode. I teared up again last night. I'm amazed at the accomplishments of this group. I'm still a little creeped out with Sunshine's father's dedication to her but I shouldn't be-I'm that dedicated to my kids.
I wish: There's been no discussion that I can recall about why someone might hit a plateau or why women's weight might fluctuate. And I don't remember ever hearing anything like "don't expect these results at home".
We teach people that losing up to two pounds a week on a weight loss regimen is the healthy way to lose. Then we see people distraught when they get on the scale and they've only lost five pounds! So how about reminding us that what we're seeing isn't "real". That these people are eating minimal calories and exercising excessively. That it's not real life. Not even close to real life. How about reminding the audience that as the contestants get "smaller" (and with this group, that's a relative term since they are still very big by most standards) they can expect to lose more slowly. How about some reality in this reality tv show.

This morning I realized that we're seeing less and less of Jillian and Bob. Or at least it seems that way. Perhaps because they aren't being as obnoxious? Gosh, the vomiting has stopped. Or they're not focusing on making people work out so hard that they vomit. And Jillian is now the soft spoken "therapist". From raging maniacal trainer to sweetheart all in one season.

Did I miss something or was there no product placement last night?

I didn't like that the group was taken away from breakfast to perform a challenge. Bad message. Ally should have told them to finish eating and then go work out. And watching them pour cereal and milk without weighing amounts was perhaps not the best message either. Sure, by this time they should have pretty good eyeballing skills but weighing and measuring could be an opportunity for teaching the audience. Oh, excuse me. This isn't an instructional show but "entertainment". And who had the idea that watching people sweat, vomit and expose their rolls of fat would be good entertainment? Some genius.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

WW saga

I'm trying. I'm weighing. I'm measuring. I'm writing down points. Only Day 3 and I'm dreaming of food already. Where to eat tomorrow night. Read a blog review of new Puerto Rican restaurant in Scottsdale. Mmmmm. Nothing in review sounds remotely "legal" even though WW says you can eat anything you want. Well, not if the dish is 20 points because then all I can have for the rest of the day is water.
I made the WW unlimited soup recipe. Lots of cabbage, some carrots, onions, garlic. I added cayenne. It's actually pretty tasty but of course would benefit form a dash of olive oil and fresh bread crouton. But, hey, then it won't be "free" and unlimited.
Trying to space out the food. A little here. A little there. Right now I'm kind of hungry. Salad? 1/2 sandwich? Already had my milk for the day. With chocolate syrup. Yes,I'm counting the syrup.
Wish it was Monday already because that would mean I got thru the weekend. Movies and dinner out on Saturday. With people who eat pretty healthfully, have no weight problems and love food. So I'll just follow their lead, I guess. I guess. No movie popcorn, though. No matter how good it smells. Not "worth" the points. Using the points for real food. Not for splurge food. Would rather eat another ounce of meat or another glass of chocolate milk than have a donut.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Biggest Loser Recap

I'll not complain about the product placement anymore. I know when something like that is coming so I just take a moment to do something else. They telegraph it so well. It's always in the kitchen. "Let's have a talk about....cereal, chewing gum, protein powder, etc." Bye bye. I'll just go check on the chicken in the oven or read some e-mails.
I was very disturbed by the potentially unhealthy challenge of trying to lose 6 pounds in a few days. I know these are still very big people who still have a lot to lose but they've reduced their body weight enough by now to have their weight loss slow down. To expect it to slow down. How to lose a lot of weight in a short time: dehydrate, exercise to exhaustion, eat very little. And I'm guessing that's how the winner did it. I hope the staff rethinks this challenge for future contestants. They learned now to have 300 pound people run in the hot sun on the beach last time. Here's another challenge that could have been disastrous but luckily ended before anyone got sick.
The weight loss is obvious on all of remaining contestants now. And it's impressive. This will be an interesting finale because it is doubtful that anyone will show up as emaciated as on the last two seasons. At least I hope not because it will mean they starved or dehydrated or worked out too much. These are still pretty big people but they've lost enough now to have improved their health profile. That's the important issue.
I would like to see more of what they eat. How much they eat. How soon before they work out or after they work out do they eat? If they work out as much as it seems they do, when do they have time to eat???
Are they always drinking the protein enhanced water or do they drink plain water as well? More info on the eating and less product placement!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Defeat and Victory

Well, I am giving up and giving in. I did it again. I joined WW today. I'm actually relieved. I haven't been doing anything at all to help myself. I've been overeating. Making poor choices. Not being mindful. And getting fatter. I need some structure and I don't mean a diet plan. I'll count points. I'll get weighed. I'll start to get back to mindful eating. It's been two years since I started this blog and went on WW last time. And I'm right back where I started.
Dieting most certainly is not the answer. WW is not the answer. I'm the problem and the solution. I had to do something, though. So I chose something familiar and comfortable.
I'm hoping this helps me get back on track. I wish I could believe that I will lose some weight and maintain the loss but that would mean changing my habits for good. I'm already thinking about what to eat on Mother's Day and on my birthday. I'm thinking about dim sum and french fries and Pinkberry and I haven't even started WW yet!
I admit that food is my comfort. Food is my pleasure. Other things give me pleasure but nothing like a crisp fry or a flavorful slice of Peking Duck on a fluffy white bun. Those are pleasures that cannot be denied. Finding a way to incorporate them into a healthier lifestyle--that's the issue. Learning to have one piece of duck skin and a handful of fries. I shall endeavor to work towards that goal.
In the meantime, I'll be counting points, eating more veggies and avoiding restaurants for a while until I've regained control.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Spring cleaning

Worst time of the year--change of seasons. Means I have to go into closet, try on clothes from last season and start making piles to take to resale store. Nothing fits. Nothing ever fits from one season to the next. Can't blame the "cleaners" like I used to when I lived in NYC and stored my clothes over the winter and summer. We only had one closet so each change of season, I would pack up the clothes and take them to our neighborhood cleaners. Everyone did (does?) that. NYC closets were just too small. Then when I'd pick them and try them on, they were always a little tighter. My friends and I used to blame the cleaners. They had to have done something to them in the dry cleaning process.
This time, not the cleaner's fault.Nope. And unless someone snuck into the house while we were gone and exchanged all my clothes for a smaller size, it's gotta be that I gained weight (duh) or there's been an enormous shift in fat and lean tissue. Either one, nothing fits. Even sandals from last summer are too tight. Damn. My feet are fat!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Jamie Oliver again

Watched the show last night. Missed the second one so cannot comment on the progress at the original school. Still feel that Jamie is missing the boat--that he doesn't understand our culinary culture. We are a country of immigrants, some newer than others. We are a country of regions. Each region has it's own culinary identity. Although it seems like the identities "bleed" into each other--we all eat pizza, hot dogs and hamburgers--the influences of ethnicity and region are still obvious. Let's first look at why we can't serve kids freshly prepared foods. It was obvious in last night's episode: not enough staff to prep, cook and serve the food. And, I'm just guessing, the big food companies would work pretty hard to keep their contracts with the schools. I agree that school lunch is appalling. No one is arguing with Oliver over that. It's his approach that I don't like. French kids may eat quiche for lunch and sit for the full lunch hour enjoying their meal with appropriate music playing in the background. But that's not what American kids do. They go to lunch just because everyone is going. They complain about the mystery meat because that's what kids do. They throw away most of the food, not because it's disgusting (because most kids wouldn't really know or care) but because everyone else is and because they want to get outside to play. Playground time, recess time, is way more important to American kids than lunchtime. Don't try to make our school lunch like Great Britain's or France's or any other country's. Let's make OUR school lunch better by staying within the confines of our culture and feeding our kids what we American eat.
Oh, I thought the school foodservice director made a fool of herself when she declared that french fries qualified as a vegetable but Jamie's stir fry did not! Now that's a problem--if the definition of vegetable includes french fries. And I love french fries. They're one of my favorite foods. But let's not fool ourselves--they don't--or they shouldn't--constitute a serving of veg.
And the young girl who was so overweight--I sure hope they didn't desert her when filming was over. She needs a lot of support if she is going to get healthier.
So I'll watch it again next week although I still don't like what I see. A lot of my feelings are similar to a show that Shaq did a few years ago. Tactics matter. And they cannot be excused even if the goal is reached.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Too much TV

I guess I watch too much TV. Not daytime TV but at night. Too tired to read and just want to veg out. This is not the reason I'm fat, though. I'm fat because I eat too much so let's just end that part of the conversation right there.
Two TV shows this week "affected" me:
On Sunday night I watched Jamie Oliver's show about trying to revolutionize school lunch in the US. I did not like what I saw. I'm trying to remind myself that they edited it for dramatic effect and that hundreds of hours of footage ended up not being used but I didn't like what I saw. He referred to the cooks as "girls" (they're about twice his age) and called them "lunch ladies" which we all know is a pejorative term. He dissed pizza for breakfast for the kids which I think shows how little he respects OUR culture. The pizza served at the school is not the best for health but he was dissing pizza for breakfast in general. Nothing at all wrong with pizza (cold or hot) for breakfast or meatballs and spaghetti or whatever. It's the quality of the food being served that is in question not that it is necessarily "approppriate" to the meal or the hour of the day. His attempt at serving the kids baked chicken, rice and veggies. Stupid. It's not food that these southern kids eat or are accustomed to eating. They want their chicken nuggets, fried food, etc. Not rice! Truth is that kids don't sit long enough at lunch time to finish food. They're more interested in getting outside to play and/or embarrassed to be eating the food if the other kids are not. Peer pressure. In addition to improving the quality of food served, we have to give kids more time to eat and encourage them to spend more time at the table eating. Because they don't even finish what they like! Anyway, not a fan of the show but will watch to see how it progresses. And where are the dietitians in that school district? And who says that "bread serving" has to actually be "bread"????
The Biggest Loser. My love hate relationship with that show continues. Today it's love. So impressed with how fit these big people have become. Even though some have lost over 100 pounds, they're all still pretty big and yet their fitness inspires me and amazes me. That's what it's about. Not wearing a slinky dress or walking bare chested on the beach but becoming healthier. And I was excited to see them at home, in street clothes for once, feeling good about themselves. The temptations are great and they still all have such a long way to go. This is not going to be a group of svelte beauties when the show is over but they've all made amazing changes. No idea who will win. Usually I have a favorite by now. I'm rooting for all of them. Mike is growing up. Away from his mother and his family. Sunshine has become a very strong (emotionally and physically woman). The cousins are a little too dour for me but their determination and focus is impressive. Looking foward to the finale. Always love seeing how they've changed. I just hope they learn enough to keep it going because this group will have to work hard long past the end of the show.
So last night I loved the show. Not too much product placement last night (blackberry apps notwithstanding).

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

What I should have eaten

Every day I make choices: what color eye shadow to wear, how to comb my hair, what shoes to wear, whether or not to be angry (yes, I can actually "decide" to be angry) but mostly I decide what to eat. And, alas, I usually make the wrong decision. For breakfast today I could have had a bowl of oatmeal but instead I had a smoothie. Now, smoothies are good. Fruits, milk. But really I could have used the fiber and the oatmeal would have been a much lower calorie choice.
I just got back from errands. I wanted a "snack". I could have had some fruit or even some veggies (all cut up in the frig already) but instead I ate a piece of Irish soda bread (made it honor of St. Pat's Day)that I topped with brown sugar before baking....just because.
Coulda Woulda Shoulda. My uncle told me never to say those words.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Special Report: Selling Healthy to Consumers

Would I choose more healthful food when I eat out if the information were readily available? Probably not because I don't eat out for convenience but to eat something special.

Special Report: Selling Healthy to Consumers: "Calorie counts posted on menu boards. Marketing campaigns touting new &quot..."

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Biggest Loser Wrap Up

Again with The Biggest Loser! I can't stop. Although tonight didn't grab me. The tears. Everyone misses their families. Are they really that isolated? They should be so exhausted (and hungry!) that all they care about is sleep. The gamesmanship bores me. I'm not intrigued by any of the cast this season. Sorry that Miggy is gone. She was one spunky lady. But the others...I don't feel anything for them. Don't know why. And now that Jillian is a sweetheart, there's nothing for me to even get angry about.
Yeah, I could never be a contestant. Commercial chocolate chip cookies. Not on your life. I would have refused to eat them. Peanut butter and jelly sandwich, oozing peanut butter. Didn't look appetizing to me at all.
How much longer? They all have so much more weight to lose. And what do I mean by that? So much more weight to lose until what???? Until they're "thin"? I mean, I'm shocked that I said that!
I did like knowing that previous contestants work to support present contestants. That's a plus. I think we don't know enough about what happens after the show is over. Do contestants pay for their own gym memberships? And do they get therapy while on the show?
Sigh. I guess I'll watch to the end but I'm not so motivated to stay tuned any more. This group, I don't know, no personality. Is it just me?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Pump It Up

For those who have followed this blog from the beginning (I believe there's one of you and you know who you are), you know that I work out--that I like to work out. In fact, I love to work out. And I love lifting weights--the heavier the better. So yesterday was the Arizona Senior Olympics Powerlifting competition. I entered about a month ago. From the day I sent in my money, I kept hoping that something would happen to keep me from competing: an injury or some other catastrophe. I wanted to compete but I was scared. Didn't want to humiliate myself.
So I trained. But not that hard. Trainer went on vacation two weeks ago. Not the best time for her to leave me! I obsessed for weeks about the event. The unknown. Who would be there. How long would it last. Would I embarrass myself.
I have to say that yesterday was one of the best days of my life.
Got to the gym early. Warmed up a bit on the bike. Did a few light bench presses and a couple of squats. People started arriving about 1/2 hour before the event. Met the woman who was my competition. She holds both national and world titles in powerlifting in our age group! She was gracious, charming and incredibly strong. I felt like a wimp.
She was excited to have another woman there because she said it's almost always just men. We were actually the youngest people there--we're both 65.
I just have to say that meeting her was inspirational--motivational! I'll never do what she does. I'm never going to drink myoflex beverages or eat protein gels for snacks or tape myself up or wear singlets. I'm doing this for fun. For a challenge. I don't ever expect to win. I just want to do it. I want the experience.
Her strength was outrageous. Her husband beemed as she squatted 235 pounds. "She can do so much more than that", he whispered to me. "She's the world record holder on the deadlift", he said as she lifted the bar loaded with weight.
Before the competition, she dressed herself in her "magic" outfit: a $1,000 shirt that took ten minutes to get into that is supposed to increase the lift by 50 pounds. Then she drank some foul smelling juice drink, chalked up her hands and put on her game face.
Me? I drank some water. And made jokes because that's what I do.
We both succeeded at all our lifts. Mine were baby weights compared to hers but still my personal best.
She got the gold. I got the silver. We both won! It was a great day. Not at all scary. I'm happy for the adrenaline that came with being anxious because it helped me lift more than I have ever done before.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Thoughts on Weight

1. Looking forward to reading a book called Living Sensationally, : Understanding Your Senses in which the author categorizes people according to their sensory pattners: Seekers, Avoiders, Bystanders, Sensors. Each affects how people make food choices. I'm a Sensor: describe details of textures or flavors; pick the same food at the restaurant.
2. This stuff about Jillian being sued for her supplements: Yes! Look, I kinda like her. Especially since she's seemed to get a bit more human lately--less shouting and name calling. But I was disgusted when I saw that she had put her name on a line of weight loss (or is it weight loss boosting) supplements. Isn't she the one who said there's no magic pill? And finally someone is exposing these pills for what they are: bogus in terms of their ability to hasten the loss of weight but also potentially dangerous because of the combination of ingredients.
3. Kelly Osbourne's diet: Just found this on the web. A photo of Kelly Osbourne looking weird. Head too big for body kind of photo. Apparently she just has a "bite of apple" before bedtime according to web site article and eats no sugar, salt or white flour. Hmmm. I believe that's called an eating disorder? Sure. Let's all take more advice from a celebrity.
4. Saw a lovely movie last night: A Matter of Size. Israeli film about a bunch of "big guys" who get tired of dieting and being dissed by their family and friends for being fat and decide to become sumo wrestlers. Poignant look at how "normal" weight people view and treat overweight people as well as a view of life from the fat person's point. Well done. Charming. Good acting. Probably not in theaters but look for it on DVD.


Thursday, February 18, 2010

People of Size web site

Some of you may be interested in new web site:

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Good web site for info

Do you know about this site? You should....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Is it okay to splurge on special occasions?

I'm opposed to all these articles about how to cook a healthy Thanksgiving dinner or a healthy Valentine's Day meal. I mean, it's only once a year. Right? Why not indulge? Splurge?
But I just started thinking about that--it's only "once a year". Of course, each holiday is only once a year but how many of those once a year splurges might there be?

New Year's Day
Super Bowl
Valentine's Day
Easter Sunday Brunch
Passover Seder
Fourth of July
Labor Day

I probably left some out. If you think of any, please let me know so I can add them to the list. So I listed 13 special occasions when splurging might be in order. Out of 365 days a year, not such a big deal. Maybe I'm right, then. It is okay to indulge on special occasions.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Another breakfast smoothie

I've been making my milk, chocolate syrup, frozen banana, frozen berries smoothie for breakfast for a few years. I don't grow tired of it. It's cold and creamy and sweet and keeps me satisfied for several hours.'s good for me!
I was recently doing a little research on The Biggest Loser protein powder and one thing led to another and I ended up on some site where people were sharing recipes for recovery drinks for after exercise. Since most of the protein powders you buy in the health food stores are whey based, someone decided to try a smoothie using ricotta cheese since ricotta is made from whey. Everyone on the site gave it a thumbs up.
So I added 2 tablspoons of low fat ricotta to my smoothie and YUM. Made it even creamier and sort of mellowed out the taste. Loved it. So now it's even healthier because it contains more protein and more calcium. Oh, yes, and more calories but you can't get protein without getting calories.
Since the best way to get nutrients is from real food, calories go along for the ride.
This is a fabulous drink. You can reduce the calories a bit by using powdered cocoa but you'd have to add some alternative sweetener to it because even though the strawberries and banana are sweet, it needs that little extra sweetness that comes from the syrup.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Just eat it.

Interesting post on this blog: about eating and intention. In the post, Karen says that she used to sneak food when she was young.
I had the opposite experience in my youth because my mother always made too much (you know, like the very old commercial about the "second turkey"). She made extra because the idea was to have a late night snack or second dinner should anyone get hungry after the first dinner. We never got hungry for the second meal during the week but there was something about Saturday night that caused my father and me to end up at the frig some time after ten o'clock at night, rummaging around for leftovers (the second turkey). There was no shame. It was expected. Hoped for, in fact. My mother enjoyed watching us eat the food she lovingly prepared. She was happy that we liked her fare so much that we couldn't fall asleep without a second (and sometimes, third) helping. There was no concern about calories or getting fat. It was about the joy of eating tasty food.
I never had to sneak candy either. My mother loved candy bars, especially ones that contained nuts, so there was always plenty of candy around the house. I never heard, "You'll spoil your dinner." If I wanted a piece of candy, she gave it to me because she knew I'd eat my meal. And here's the "ah ha", she knew I'd eat my meal because eating at mealtime had nothing to do with being hungry. It was mealtime, EAT. Because people in China were eating garbage in the streets. That made me shudder to think that there were people who had no regular meals; people who didn't get to sit down at the table, eat off of plates and enjoy a hot meal. I was privileged. I had not only the first dinner but the second one waiting in the frig should I get hungry late at night!
So I was brought up to ignore hunger and eat because the food is there. Eat it because other people some place in the world are hungry even if I'm not. Eat it because my mother cooked it for me. Just eat it.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Perils of Salt

Just finished writing an article about sugar myths and realities. Learned a lot, as usual--that's one of the benefits (since money isn't!) of writing for a living. I learn a lot from the research I do for articles.
The Internet is not buzzing so much about sugar and HFCS any more. Now it's salt. Oh, yes. We Americans over-indulge. In sugar. In fat. In calories. In salt. No doubt about it. No arguments here. I'm thinking salt is more of a danger than the others, though. So last night while cooking dinner I really tried to pay attention to how much salt I use. Holy shit. A lot.
First, I don't measure even when I'm following a recipe. And you know how the TV chefs are always telling us to salt as we go along-salt the onions softening in the oil, salt the water liberally before you add the pasta, etc. So I sprinkle and dash and dump salt into everything. And, let's face, salt makes food taste better. Especially chocolate. For you non believers, just add a few crystals the next time you bite into a chocolate candy and you'll see how salt enhances the flavor of chocolate.
Salt is the darling of the chefs and apparently the bane of the medical community right now.
How to cut down on salt? The recommendations are lame just like they are for cutting back on sugar. You've just got to "retrain" your taste buds. Easier said than done. Even if you don't think you "like" salt, you do. Commercially prepared foods, whether canned, frozen, or restaurant food, is very heavily salted. We've grown accustomed to the taste.
I tend to think lots of restaurant food is too salty for my palate but give me one of those fabulous NY soft pretzels rolled in salt and I'm in heaven. The bland starchy pretzel is made very special by the salty crust.
As much as I love french fries, without salt I probably wouldn't eat as many (I'd still eat them...just not as many).
A burger. Love a good rare fatty burger. But without salt, I'd probably pass it up.
Chicken soup is flat without salt. And no amount of herbs can change that.
People, like me, who like chips probably like them for the salt (and the crunch).
Overcoming a salt habit is going to be a lot harder than overcoming a sugar habit.
I'll probably start out by not salting during cooking but salting at the table because right now I do both. I think salting at the table is a better idea because the salt will be more prominent since it will not be dissoved into the food. I don't eat many packaged foods so those don't contribute a lot to my salt intake. Restaurant meals are going to be a challenge. It's not like I can ask the chef to not add salt! How can we manage that one if we eat out a lot? It's easy to control what we do at home. But since most of us eat lots of our meals away from home, it's going to be a challenge.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

The best laid plans gone astray....

The power lifting competition--for which I've already paid my entry fee--is February 27th. Oooh. My muscles just contracted when I wrote that! In order to have a competitive edge (and not have to lift enormous amounts of weight), I've got to lose ten pounds by then. Ten pounds. That should be something I, a nutrition expert, should be able to accomplish without much angst. Fruits and vegetables. Lean meats and fish. Low fat dairy. Whole grains. Eat only when hungry and eat just until satisfied. Come on. This should be a slam dunk for me. Right?
Eating out. Have to do it. Want to do it. It's my social life. Order sensibly? Don't want to do it.
Here's how my mind works: In the car driving to movies: Passing by Italian restaurant--"Mmmm. Meatballs and spaghetti". Passing by Japanese restaurant: "Mmmmm. Tempura." Passing by French restaurant: "Mmmmm. Frisee salad with lardons and poached egg."
Understand, it wasn't dinnertime and I wasn't yet hungry. Still, all the visual cues kept my mind on food--and none of it "diet" foods.
Even told friends with whom we spent the evening that I would be sticking to my "training" diet. Thought it would help me if I made that commitment at the start of the evening. But, no.
Got to the restaurant and lost my commitment immediately. Four people: Five appetizers, four entrees, four desserts.
The food and company were fabulous. I'm not sorry. I just wish I could understand how people do it. How do people lose weight and keep it off? How do they commit to a life of constant vigilance? How do they eat out and skip over the luscious food they want to eat? Even if the "healthier" fare is delicious as well?
Last night's meal had nothing to do with "emotional" eating. I wasn't depressed or sad or stressed. No one would have cared what I ordered. There was no outside pressure to consume huge quantities. And, in truth, I didn't walk away stuffed but rather satisfied. Many different flavors, textures and temperatures made the meal extremely satisfying.
Ah, well. Today is a new day. Which could mean, I am newly committed to a healthier way of eating or it could mean.....I have the opportunity to eat something wonderful at a restaurant of my choosing. Incorrigible me.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

A breakfast concoction that satisfies

I watch The Today Show most mornings for about 1/2 hour while I'm reading the newspaper and eating breakfast. I know. Reading and watching TV while eating is not a "mindful" practice. But I like multi-tasking!
So last week I saw Joy Bauer, a dietitian who is on The Today Show frequently, describe a sort of weird sounding dish: vanilla yogurt mixed with pumpkin puree. The anchor tasted it and declared it yummy but they always do that. Still, it looked good and I thought it sounded like it might actually be tasty. And filling. And, dare I say it, "healthy and low calorie". So I decided to try it.
Finding pumpkin puree after the holidays was a little difficult because most of the supermarkets were out of it. But I presevered.
I finally tried Bauer's concoction for the first time this morning and I have to admit that it was good--no, it was great. Container of fat free sugar free vanilla yogurt (100 calories) mixed with about 1/4 cup pumpkin puree (about 25 calories). No other ingredients. I suppose you could add pumpkin pie spice mix (just a very little, though) or just a light sprinkle of cinnamon or brown sugar or maybe a few chopped almonds but, to be honest, it's perfect the way it is.
Two ingredients. No cooking. No measuring. And so few calories! Vitamins, minerals, fiber, protein, carbohydrates. A bonanza of goodness.
I ate it for breakfast but the dish could easily be served as a dessert.
Thank you, Joy.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Why give up when you can add?

What did you give up for the new year? Sugar? Red meat? Dairy? Wheat? Seems like everyone has given something up or at least that's what I'm hearing at the gym. Funny that resolutions involve giving up stuff instead of adding stuff. I mean, if a person with a lousy diet were to add 8 or more servings of fruits and vegetables a day, a few servings of whole grain and two servings of milk and maybe drink a little more water, she'd probably be too full to eat candy, burgers and cake so she could bypass the "give up" for the new year resolution.
Just a random thought.

Friday, January 15, 2010

The Fat Dietitian Trains for an Event

"So, Sharon, how's the training for the power lifting event going?" I hate answering that question because I'm not sure how it's going. I hope to compete in the AZ Senior Olympics on February 27th in the power lifting event for women. I didn't start training in earnest soon enough although I'm always training. I have a ham string injury which keeps me from training the dead lift so I'm concentrating on bench press and squat. But if I only do two lifts, I cannot win a gold medal. I would just be doing it for myself. And that's okay. But winning would have been nice. Very nice. Really nice.
So, how am I doing? Well, I'm feeling great. Energized. Strong. Until the bar is on my shoulders. Then, not so strong. But I'm working on it. Concentrating. But most of all, I'm having a great time. Gosh, I love to feel strong and powerful. Even when my lift is not perfect, not exactly what the judges would judge as a fair lift, I love the feeling of strength. My favorite sensation is the blood rushing to the muscle a few seconds after the lift. This is not pain. This is exhiliration. It's my "high".
I'll keep plugging away, hoping that I will be strong enough in just a few short weeks. But at 65, those muscle fibers just don't respond the way they used to so who knows. Still, nice to have a goal.
And what about being fat. Well, that isn't hindering the training but it will stand in the way of winning. A formula of body weight and weight lifted is used to determine the winner. The more I weigh, the more I have to lift. So if I weighed less, I might have a better chance of winning! Weigh less. It might be easier to just get stronger.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


I very much appreciate the precious few comments I get to my blog posts. It lets me know that someone has read what I've written. In case you didn't know, I moderate my comments. That means that your comment only appears if I say it's okay. If you write to me just to plug yourself by including your web site or contact info in your comment then you should know that your comment will not appear on MY blog. I have a list of blogs that I follow/recommend. I'm always adding to those. If you are not on that list but would like to be added, I'm happy to take a look at your blog. But I'm not going to promote anyone else in the body of my blog unless I want to. So, please keep your comments coming but do not include your web site in your comment. If you do, then you won't see it on my blog. Thank you.

On Being Fat....

Wish I'd written this.......

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Born thin

Every once in a while I go back over some of my earlier posts. Since this is sort of like my not so private diary, reading what I've written weeks or months ago helps me reevaluate what's been going on. A little like therapy! Remember the time I was interviewed for the article on the Surgeon General's weight? I noticed, on rereading, that I was quoted (and I'm sure I said it) as saying that I wouldn't want to be counseled by some "naturally thin" person. So, there you go. I was guilty of not realizing that no one is actually ever naturally thin. That everyone, in her way, works at it even if it is second nature to eat mindfully and healthfully. Yes, we've probably all got a set point, as someone who sent in a comment reminded me, but even if your set point is low, you could get fat. And if your set point is high, you can stay lean. True that some of us have to work harder at it than others (and those are the ones we love to hate when we see them eating burger loaded with stuff)but really everyone's gotta watch what they eat. I'm enlightened now.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weird blog post

Yesterday I wrote a post praising Susan Burke for her writing on "naturally thin". She contacted me today to ask me if I know about this:

What? WTF....I hope I haven't offended anyone but that's how I felt when I saw that my words had been lifted and transformed into something negative and also unintelligible.
If anyone knows what this is, please let me know.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

If you're the type to read "diet books", then you might take a look at Making Weight Control Second Nature by Susan Burke March, MS, RD, LD/N, CDE. (Disclaimer, Susan is a colleague and a friend.)
Susan makes an interesting point in the introduction to the book: She is very lean and people presume that she has been that way her whole life. She mentions that she was once 40 pounds heavier (wouldn't I love to only be 40 pounds overweight!)yet people presume that she is "naturally thin". Susan doesn't think anyone is "naturally thin" but that everyone who is thin works at it. Maybe some people don't have to work at it as hard as other but even people who've never been fat, don't gorge themselves on hot fudge sundaes and fried chicken every day.
I do agree with her. We've all seen a slender person eat a huge meal and that's what makes us think, "She's naturally thin. She can eat whatever she wants." Well, she can't eat whatever she wants and she doesn't eat whatever she wants all the time. That's the point. "Naturally thin" people, those who are lean and maintain their leanness throughout life, are probably much more mindful eaters than those of us whose weight fluctuates between fat and very fat.
Think about it. We base our belief that someone is naturally thin and can eat whatever she wants on occasional observations of the person stuffing her face. But what about how that person eats every day? Every month? I have no scientific evidence to back this up but I'm confident in my presumption that "naturally thin" people don't eat the way I do.
Take a look at Susan's book.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Biggest Biggest Loser Contestants

I think I should rename this blog Biggest Loser Groupie. After tonight, I know I'm going to be glued to the TV every week. Did you watch? OMG. I was crying throughout the show. These people. I'm so sorry. I'm so happy. It's amazing that they can exercise the way they do. Amazing. I can't complain tomorrow at the gym. They've motivated me! Is that possible. Me? I work out every day but after watching these huge people push themselves, I know I've been slacking! Can't wait to get to the gym.
And does Jillian look like she's lost a little weight? Why, I think she does. And has she sweetened up a little? Why, I think she has. I bet she got a lot of grief for her attitude last season.
And tonight for the first time, the dietitian was on camera! Yea for Cheryl Forberg, RD. Thank you Biggest Loser for finally acknowledging that there is a dietitian associated with the progress the contestants make.
Can't wait until the finale to see how everyone looks. I might even be able to tolerate the product placement and flagrant commercial messages for chewing gum and water filters and protein powder and whatever else just to know that this group is getting the help they so desperately need.

Monday, January 4, 2010

It's 2010: Welcome to working out

I expected the gym to be packed with people who had resolved to get fit in 2010. At 7:30 this morning, it was just the regulars. My trainer said that those new year resolution people start showing up the second week in January and they're usually out of steam by the end of January.
I think I know why. Oh, sure. Some of them are just plain lazy. Sometimes life gets in the way and they don't have time to come back. And lots of them really didn't mean it anyway. They just joined because they thought that  fitness would magically be transferred to them by virtue of having a gym membership.
But what about the others--the ones who were earnest when they joined? Why do they fall by the wayside after a few short weeks?
The gym is a friendly place to me. I know how to use the equipment. I talk to strangers. I like to sweat. And I know gym etiquette: how to wait for a machine when someone else is using it, for instance.
But newcomers don't know how to behave or how to use the equipment. Some gyms offer an orientation but if you're completely ignorant about how to work out then a quick orientation is going to go in one ear and out the other. Believe me. I've been there.
I think it would be better if the gym offered three free training sessions with a trainer instead of a cursory orientation. Enough time to get a handle on how to use the equipment. Enough time to learn a little, if only by observation, about how to behave. And enough time to decide if you want to continue with the trainer (believe me, a very good idea!).
Of course, if everyone who joined the gym showed up, the place would be overflowing with sweaty bodies. The owners expect that most of the new members will guiltily pay their dues but not go regularly, crowding the bikes, bumping into each other in the showers.
So if you're new to working out and your gym doesn't offer free training sessions, I suggest you make the investment. Especially if you're serious about getting fit.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Say it isn't so

While on vacation in LA, I was attacked by some evil GI bug. Never really felt sick but nothing I ate stayed in my digestive tract for very long. I tried to "rest" my gut by not eating but I got too hungry! So I decided to stick to "simple" foods (aka, low fat, low sugar). That didn't help but I was afraid to deviate from that diet so I stuck with it for four days. No ice cream. No desserts of any kind. Nothing fried (boo hoo).
Drove home to Phoenix yesterday. Six hours in the car. No food. Too scared to eat since so many of the rest stops in Arizona are closed due to budget constraints.
Anyway, today decided to eat whatever. I guess GI bug got tired of my body and has departed. So I bought six pints of ice cream. Yes, six. I like to mix and match. Love to eat one scoop of each flavor. Oh, and Magic Shell. I know. That's disgusting. But I love it. The way it gets hard and crunchy over the soft creamy ice cream. Great mix of textures. And, yes, I know that Magic Shell has no flavor. So what.
I filled a soup bowl with six scoops (rather large ones), one of each flavor, topped with Magic Shell.
I am sad to report that for the first time in my life, I was unable to finish the ice cream. What! In fact, I didn't really enjoy what I was able to eat. Why!
That's the saddest experience I've had in a long time.  I might not like ice cream any more. Say it isn't so!