Monday, June 14, 2010

Back to fried chicken

Happy Birthday to me. Now pass the fried chicken.
Recent articles have called into question the validity of using the BMI to determine fatness. Hah! Vindicated. I called it on that one a long time ago. Waist measurement is a way better quickie method.
Back to fried chicken for a minute. A dietitian wrote in earlier today to one of the list servs that she has the opportunity, for an unmentioned sum of money, to have her name and possibly likeness put on a food product label. I'm sure it's a food product that is "healthy". I wondered what food product I could possibly endorse.....besides fried chicken, I mean. Potato chips. For sure. Pepsi. Ice cream. Hmmm. Better not.
But back to fried chicken for a minute. Haven't had any. In fact, been eating pretty well lately. Because I'm not thinking about dietiting. That's why. Thinking about dieting makes me hungry. Eating whatever whenever keeps me satisfied. Sometimes it doesn't work but it is working right now.
A few weeks ago, I baked nutella cupcakes (don't even ask...they're amazing) for an event. Saved a few and put them in freezer. They're still there. Untouched. Knowing they're there. Knowing I can have them whenever seems to make them less tempting.
But back to fried chicken. It's my birthday. I could tell myself that the best gift I could give myself would be the gift of a healthy meal. But instead....back to fried chicken.


Holly said...

USAF stopped using BMI in their Fitness Test assessment (if you were 25 or less you automatically got the max 30 points for the waist measurement). Waist Circumference is measured for everyone (now worth 20% of your total score) and if you cannot pass the waist, you cannot past the rest of the fitness test.

Jenny said...

Nutella cupcakes? Oh my, those sound delicious.