Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Biggest Loser Recap

I'll not complain about the product placement anymore. I know when something like that is coming so I just take a moment to do something else. They telegraph it so well. It's always in the kitchen. "Let's have a talk about....cereal, chewing gum, protein powder, etc." Bye bye. I'll just go check on the chicken in the oven or read some e-mails.
I was very disturbed by the potentially unhealthy challenge of trying to lose 6 pounds in a few days. I know these are still very big people who still have a lot to lose but they've reduced their body weight enough by now to have their weight loss slow down. To expect it to slow down. How to lose a lot of weight in a short time: dehydrate, exercise to exhaustion, eat very little. And I'm guessing that's how the winner did it. I hope the staff rethinks this challenge for future contestants. They learned now to have 300 pound people run in the hot sun on the beach last time. Here's another challenge that could have been disastrous but luckily ended before anyone got sick.
The weight loss is obvious on all of remaining contestants now. And it's impressive. This will be an interesting finale because it is doubtful that anyone will show up as emaciated as on the last two seasons. At least I hope not because it will mean they starved or dehydrated or worked out too much. These are still pretty big people but they've lost enough now to have improved their health profile. That's the important issue.
I would like to see more of what they eat. How much they eat. How soon before they work out or after they work out do they eat? If they work out as much as it seems they do, when do they have time to eat???
Are they always drinking the protein enhanced water or do they drink plain water as well? More info on the eating and less product placement!

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