Sunday, February 21, 2010

Random Thoughts on Weight

1. Looking forward to reading a book called Living Sensationally, : Understanding Your Senses in which the author categorizes people according to their sensory pattners: Seekers, Avoiders, Bystanders, Sensors. Each affects how people make food choices. I'm a Sensor: describe details of textures or flavors; pick the same food at the restaurant.
2. This stuff about Jillian being sued for her supplements: Yes! Look, I kinda like her. Especially since she's seemed to get a bit more human lately--less shouting and name calling. But I was disgusted when I saw that she had put her name on a line of weight loss (or is it weight loss boosting) supplements. Isn't she the one who said there's no magic pill? And finally someone is exposing these pills for what they are: bogus in terms of their ability to hasten the loss of weight but also potentially dangerous because of the combination of ingredients.
3. Kelly Osbourne's diet: Just found this on the web. A photo of Kelly Osbourne looking weird. Head too big for body kind of photo. Apparently she just has a "bite of apple" before bedtime according to web site article and eats no sugar, salt or white flour. Hmmm. I believe that's called an eating disorder? Sure. Let's all take more advice from a celebrity.
4. Saw a lovely movie last night: A Matter of Size. Israeli film about a bunch of "big guys" who get tired of dieting and being dissed by their family and friends for being fat and decide to become sumo wrestlers. Poignant look at how "normal" weight people view and treat overweight people as well as a view of life from the fat person's point. Well done. Charming. Good acting. Probably not in theaters but look for it on DVD.

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