Friday, October 8, 2010

I've been thinking

A journalist contacted me this week to ask if she could interview me about my "struggles" with weight because she's writing an article about fat dietitians (my words-not hers). She sent me a few questions to ponder and I actually pondered. I decided that I no longer consider my weight to be a "struggle" issue. I'm not thinking about losing weight any more. I'm healthy. Healthier than a lot of skinny people I know. I'm sure there are evil things happening deep in my body-I'm getting old and I do have to die one day and I expect I'll die from "something". But I don't have any of the usual maladies associated with obesity and/or aging. A few aches and pains in the morning but they go away quickly. And maybe a few grey hairs but that's not from being fat. I do want to continue to eat the way I know I should be eating-meaning lots of plant foods and lots of water and happy amounts of cheerful foods like ice cream and fried chicken and pizza.
Losing weight probably won't do anything for me. Blood pressure and blood sugar are normal. Cholesterol is fine. Back doesn't hurt. Feet don't hurt. Legs don't hurt. I'm agile and fleet of foot. If I lost weight, my chin would hang more, my butt would wiggle more, my boobs would hang even lower. What's the point?
So I thank her for sending me those questions. Bye bye dieting. Bye bye restriction. Now if I could just be more mindful----