Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Biggest Loser Finale Finally

I guess I could have worse obsessions than watching The Biggest Loser. I mean, being obsessed with a TV show can't be all that bad. Last night was a problem, though, since I'm also obsessed with watching the Phoenix Suns in the playoffs with the Lakers (Go Suns!). Yes, I have a DVR and, yes, it was set for both just in case I missed something. I did switch back and forth during commercials, time outs and half time--enough to see most of the contestants and to see Michael win.
Yeah! Michael won. I will watch the whole show today if I have time but I am happy that Michael was the winner. What a motivator for all the very obese people around the country. Not only did he win but he looked great. Yes, he's young and that makes a difference. But he did have muscle definition on his arms and nothing hanging around his face although I'm sure his legs and his lower torso have some extra skin. What a triumph. How amazing he must feel physically to be rid of all that weight. His smile--his grin--tells it all about how he feels emotionally.
So, what have we learned from all of this? That people can lose weight no matter how big they are. That with support and dedication people can lose weight without resorting to surgery. But can people keep the weight off. And can people do this on their own. That's the real issue. Can just any ordinary person who weighs 500 pounds do this without having Jillian and Cheryl Forberg, RD, and the docs? Can just any ordinary person who weighs 500 pounds do this while living at home surrounded by food, by family and with the stresses of job and life?
I guess it's "yes" because people do succeed at weight loss and maintenance. But I think it's sort of like abstinence from drugs and alcohol, the losing and maintenance has to become an obsession--has to become the "work" of your life. Right now I'm obsessed with a TV show. To transfer that obsession to losing and maintaining weight loss has never been doable for me in the past.
You know how people have a "bucket list" of stuff they want to accomplish before they die? Well, I'm getting old (66 next month!) so I don't have that much time left. If reaching a healthier weight is on my list (and it is), then I'd better figure out a way to accomplish that.....soon.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Just an observation

While resting between sets of lunges (can you feel my pain?) this morning, I got into conversation with my trainer (my way of "resting" between sets is to jabber and get her to forget how long I have been resting) about how we all look at what people have in their supermarket shopping carts and make judgments about them. Look, I do it even if you won't admit that you do it.
You see someone who is fat (fatter than you). She/he has ice cream in the cart. You say to yourself, "That explains it." What you're really saying is, "I wish I had the guts to buy ice cream. I really want some."
You see someone who is drop dead gorgeous--svelte, buff, tanned--everything you are not. He/she has ice cream in her cart. You say to yourself, "She probably eats it and throws up."
What you're really saying is, "Life's not fair. How come she can eat that high calorie stuff and stay slender?"
Intuitive eating would recommend you not torture yourself. Buy the ice cream. Feel no shame or guilt. Eat enough to feel satisfied. And forget about what other people are doing!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Biggest Loser Review

Gosh, it's almost over. Who will win? I have my favorite. Want Michael to win. Although Ashley's okay as well. And Darus. That would be fine with me. But not Koli. His intensity is frightening and I fear he will starve himself before the finale to win. To maintain the loss, it has to be a lifestyle and I don't believe that Koli has fashioned a lifestyle for himself. I think that the other three faced some of their demons when they were home. Darus still has some work to do since he turned to food right away. Ashley is working it out. Michael has a wonderfully supportive family. And I believe he will want to help his sister so he should be able to stick to the plan. It's hard to think of Michael as being as young as he is since he's such a huge guy. He seems, even with the loss, to be older. But I'm reminded of how young and inexperienced he is whenever he speaks. I am impressed with what he's accomplished, though. And I feel his pain--that he is still a fat man even though he's lost over 200 pounds.
I must reiterate how much I hate hate hate the product placement in the show. Jennie O turkey. Come on guys. It's annoying. It turns me off. Isn't it enough to say to use ground white turkey in the show and then follow that up with a commercial from Jennie O? I don't watch infomercials. If Biggest Loser becomes one big long infomercial, I'm outta here. 'Nuf said.
Interesting how Jillian has become a different person-still a little cursing but none of the insane Marine style training and name calling from the past. A nicer kinder Jillian is a better trainer and infitely more watchable. Bob? I'm neutral on Bob right now.
I look forward to the finale. And how will the winner look in six months? One year?
Arizona Ali has made being the Biggest Loser winner her life's work. She looks great. She is a motivating individual. What a gift for her to have lost the weight and found her "calling".
Is that what it takes? I would love to hear about all the finalists and how they've fared. Not because I want to point a finger and say nah nah nah, they couldn't maintain it. But because I'm curious. Is it necessary to become totally involved in fitness (a la Ali) or can one go back to regular life, regular job and maintain the weight?
Since we all can't be on the show (I'm not showing anyone my navel and I'm not jumping off tall buildings), what is the advice that we take from the show to help ourselves? Exercise? Gosh, we already knew that. Eat less? Eat Jennie O turkey? Drink Biggest Loser protein drinks? Eat Cheerios? Chew sugarless gum? I'm not sure any new knowledge has been imparted.
I know I watch because I get involved in the stories of the contestants. I want to know more about them; I want to watch them succeed. And that's all it's about. This show only changes the lives of the contestants. Although I guess that hundreds of people watching the show may have been empowered to make changes because of the success of the contestants. So, maybe I'm wrong. Maybe there is lasting good. Or maybe it's just entertainment.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Better for you french fries

I am not sure why I wasn't asked to participate in the taste testing since I'm a french fry maven ( but I'm so thrilled to read that a healthier AND better tasting fry is on its way.
Rings instead of strips. Interesting. Love love love food science when it works to make my palate and my body happy.
I guess there's be a new french fry cutter in the houseware stores soon. One that cuts rings instead of strips. So don't sell your fry baby at the next yard sale. Hold onto it. You could be frying up ring fries some time soon.