Saturday, January 1, 2011

No resolutions

It's been so long since I posted anything that I forgot how to get to my blog! Brain dead.
No resolutions to eat less or eat better or eat more healthfully or lose weight or exercise more or live a better life. For a fleeting second last night while I was eating a plateful of ice cream, partially melted and topped with Magic Shell, I gave some thought to making a resolution or several resolutions. Nah. Why bother. I have no motivation to stick to them. What's in it for me?
When I worked at the County Health Dept. we used to use "contracts" with our clients. "I'll eat less fat". Sign here. Like that would mean anything to me at all! Oooh. So scared. I broke the contract. Not.
So I don't do well with promises or contracts or resolutions. No future plans. Today was not a good day for food. Two parties. Cookies, cupcakes, posole, chili, chips, bagels, noodle pudding. Just to name a few things that I ate. Not sure I can remember all of them even if I try. Food coma.
Tomorrow is a new day. Perhaps I shall start the day with oatmeal Wouldn't that be perfect?