Thursday, April 8, 2010

WW saga

I'm trying. I'm weighing. I'm measuring. I'm writing down points. Only Day 3 and I'm dreaming of food already. Where to eat tomorrow night. Read a blog review of new Puerto Rican restaurant in Scottsdale. Mmmmm. Nothing in review sounds remotely "legal" even though WW says you can eat anything you want. Well, not if the dish is 20 points because then all I can have for the rest of the day is water.
I made the WW unlimited soup recipe. Lots of cabbage, some carrots, onions, garlic. I added cayenne. It's actually pretty tasty but of course would benefit form a dash of olive oil and fresh bread crouton. But, hey, then it won't be "free" and unlimited.
Trying to space out the food. A little here. A little there. Right now I'm kind of hungry. Salad? 1/2 sandwich? Already had my milk for the day. With chocolate syrup. Yes,I'm counting the syrup.
Wish it was Monday already because that would mean I got thru the weekend. Movies and dinner out on Saturday. With people who eat pretty healthfully, have no weight problems and love food. So I'll just follow their lead, I guess. I guess. No movie popcorn, though. No matter how good it smells. Not "worth" the points. Using the points for real food. Not for splurge food. Would rather eat another ounce of meat or another glass of chocolate milk than have a donut.

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