Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Weigh-in details

At least I lost if that makes me feel any better. 1.2 pounds. Sure. That's better than gaining 1.2 pounds. But that little bit represents one week of deprivation. Okay. Maybe not deprivation. I've been eating. Plenty of food. Good food. But boring food. Nothing creamy. Nothing crunchy. Nothing salty. Nothing sweet. Just wholesome food. There must be a halo over my head!
LA again this weekend so a potential food orgy if I allow myself to indulge. On the way to the meeting, my head was full of thoughts of LA food. Maybe the thoughts are making me lose weight more slowly. Maybe it's all in my head!
"Order a hamburger and fries", Wicked Sharon whispered. "You can eat half", she said. As if....
"Order the chicken. You like the way Rustic Canyon cooks chicken", Sensible Sharon chimed in. "Then you don't have to eat half your dinner. You can eat as much as you want." As if....
So, here it is three days before the meal with seven meals to eat before Friday night and I'm already wrestling with what to order on Friday night. Is this normal? Normal for me but it cannot be normal for everyone. I think other people are thinking about their lives. I'm only thinking about food!

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