Monday, May 26, 2008

Less indulgence=just as much fun

Another LA weekend has come to an end. Lots of opportunities to overeat. None taken. Perhaps it was the zipping of the jeans that motivated me or just good sense that kept me on track. Not sure but what does it matter-I was a a good girl. To a point. It was more about what I didn't eat than what I did eat. I didn't drink Pepsi. I didn't eat candy at the airport. I didn't order any fried foods. No focaccia was eaten and certainly none was dipped in mouth-wateringly scented olive oil. The tiramisu that passed by our table held my attention for but a moment. I overheard the waiter tell the recipient of the most preciously beautiful slice of dessert that the mascarpone and lady fingers were imported from Italy. Oh, creamy sweetness!
The movie theater was a challenge. Bought a bag of M&Ms. Ate about ten of them. Realized that they don't really taste like chocolate so why bother. Tossed the remaining ones. Tasteless M&Ms were better than the movie, though. Whew. Terrible.
Burger with no bun. Did you know that you can actually "taste" the meat when you eat a burger naked? Maybe that's why the bun can be so important? Lousy meat needs a bun to disguise the flavor.
At lunch yesterday, had the opportunity to eat whatever I wanted at Century City Mall food court. Orange chicken at the Chinese; tacos; pasta; pizza.....instead went back to hotel because there is a KooKooRoo chicken place nearby. Had skinless roasted chicken, potatoes and broccoli for lunch. And I was happy!
Thoughts of missed opportunities dancing in my head as usual. Ice cream. Cupcakes. LA is the birthplace of west coast cupcakes, for goodness sakes. Fried calamari. Tiramisu. Lost opportunities. Will still be available to me next time I go. That's what I'm holding on to. All that food will still be there, waiting for me, calling to out to me, "Sharon, this way. Open wide."

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