Monday, May 12, 2008

Mother's Day

Mother's Day weekend in LA was a blast. My daughters did their jobs well. Gifts galore. No arguments. Hugs and kisses. Oh, and of course there was food. Not as much food as I dreamed about or wanted but enough to keep me satisfied. Good Sharon kept me in line while Wicked Sharon whispered in my ear about ice cream, fried food and tacos. All those whispers were silenced by Good Sharon. All but one...the one about lobster bisque. The craving was too overwhelming. I had to have it and I did. Superb. Delicious. Creamy. Perfection. Satisfying. Exactly what I had hoped it would be.

The rest of the weekend was all about oatmeal, chicken, veggies and walking around. No other indulgences except perhaps in quantity although I worked hard to pay attention to what my belly was telling my brain about when to stop. Occasionally, I may have missed the cue! Time will tell.

At the airport while waiting for our flight, I watched a fit slender man eat a fruit cup. I whispered to my husband that had we bought a snack while waiting for the plane it probably would have been a candy bar! It's not that I don't see slender people eating crap. I do. But they're usually thousands of years younger than we are. You can't abuse yourself at this age and not expect to pay the consequences. But remember, fast food is not my vice. I would happily walk past a table laden with fast food. Give me ice cream, fried delectables and a super size Pepsi with lots of ice. Maybe a few potato chips to round out the meal. French fries for sure. A nice juicy burger. But none of it from fast food joints. Only the best will do. Oh, I could rhapsodize for hours about the foods I love. But to no avail.

We didn't have any snacks at the airport because we were still satisfied from lunch. And in fact, we went to bed satisfied from lunch. BTW...lunch was at 3 pm. Don't cry for us. We had plenty to eat yesterday.

Back on the wagon for me. The bisque is but a memory. A creamy delicious memory. One that will hopefully sustain me thru the next few days at least. I sampled. I indulged. I loved it.

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