Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Another milestone

It's the little things in life that matter. Like being able to button a pair of pants that haven't fit since I bought them! Every once in a while I buy something that almost fits thinking I will fit into it when I lose weight. Of course, I don't lose the weight and the item languishes in the closet until I decide it's time to take it to the resale store to recoup some of my money. Sometimes I am so confident that I will fit into the pants or shirt or whatever that I actually discard the tags as soon as I get home. Other times, good sense prevails and I leave the price tags dangling from the garment just in case I am honest with myself at some time and return it.
Today I am wearing a pair of green slacks bought many years ago with the strong belief that someday I would fit into them. It was a sale. Such a good sale. The slacks were not my size. I knew that. I was able to pull them up but there was about three or four inches less fabric around the waist than I needed. I sucked it up. That helped but still was unable to hook them. Lying down on the bed didn't move enough of the fat to the rear. No matter. These were a bargain and I firmly believed that I would fit into them. And I do! The waistband is going to leave a deep indentation in my still pudgy waist but the button is closed, the pants are zipped and I am breathing! I was even able to eat my breakfast without opening the button. I admit that the threads holding the button in place are straining but the button is closed!

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