Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I think I understand

0.6 pounds. Jeez. Not even one whole pound. I am beginning to understand why I'm fat, though. If eating just the few non-program foods that I ate over the weekend could reduce my loss to a measly 0.6 pounds then what would happen if I ate all the foods I wanted to eat-used to eat-in the amounts I wanted to eat-used to eat? Hardly one crumb of bread or one slice of pizza or one scoop of ice cream or one fried chicken wing or one cookie or one anything (!) has passed my lips in weeks. Sure, there have been the purposeful slip ups-a burger or two, a few M&Ms-but nothing extreme. There's been no Pepsi, no french fries, no large quantities of anything. And yet weight loss has been reduced. I'd love to blame it on my age, on metabolism or on some other outside force. But I lost well the first and second weeks so I cannot blame the universe. It's me. Little old fat me. And my little old fat appetite for foods that add girth. I shoulda known!

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