Sunday, May 4, 2008

Succumbing to temptation

Three days in LA. Sunshine. Ocean breezes. Surf and sand. And calories. The best laid plans....Arrived late afternoon. Hungry. No opportunity to eat anything before meeting our daughter at Border's. By the time we got to restaurant, we were starving. I was determined to remain true to WW. I ordered monkfish. Asked how it was cooked. Roasted was the reply from waiter. I asked for no sauce and asparagus. Fish arrived looking like it had been floured and sauteed not baked. Waiter said, "baked". Ate fish. It was delicious but definitely not baked. No dessert. Virtuous me.
AM breakfast was oatmeal and banana. Good job, Sharon. Lunch. Another story all together. Daughter and her boyfriend took me to lunch. Small Japanese restaurant. Had soup with buckwheat noodles. Within the realm of WW, I hope.
Dinner. That's when I lost it although I started out with good intentions. Pea soup. Glorious. Cream. Ate a few spoonfuls. Smooth. So rich in pea flavor. Gorgeous. Ordered chicken and roasted potatoes with a side of grilled asparagus. Amazing meal-so simple but each ingredient was perfect. Avoided eating the skin on the chicken as best as I could. Then one little piece entered my mouth. OMG. The best. Crisp. No visible fat. Marvelous. Ate one more piece without any guilt. Left feeling full. Not supposed to feel full! Satisfied is the goal.
AM was Special K and skim milk with some fresh strawberries. Halo over my head until lunch. Houston's. Hamburger and fries. Why? Because. That's why. Just because. Absolutely delicious. Superb. Memorable.
What did I do right? Well, two perfect breakfasts. Never ate any sugar-no candy, no desserts, no pastries, no soda. I did eat food I should not have eaten and too much of it. I'm not sorry, though. Looking forward to my first weigh in on Wednesday. That should be the test. I'll do my best to get back on track tomorrow. Taking friend to lunch for her birthday but I can do what I have to do for myself. Then another restaurant review. That's going to be a problem. Big problem. Jamaican restaurant. We shall see.
Chicken skin. Cream in soup. Sauteed fish. Burger and fries. No control. So sad. So delicious.

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