Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Lovely Truth

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post but I'm too excited. I, Sharon, lost 6.2 pounds in nine days even with eating a burger and fries, the skin from the chicken and a few other tasty tidbits. I'm amazed. Astounded. Incredulous. I have managed to control my portions without weighing or measuring (which I never thought I could) and eat without much added fat and almost no simple carbs except for my fruits. And cheat! Thank you to the diet angels who have been watching over me!
As for my review today...was on my way to a Jamaican restaurant but alas when we got there, it was closed because of a plumbing problem. Dining companion and I scrambled and found a nearby Greek place. And we walked there! Score one for exercise. Actually, the walking was her idea. I would have driven there but the weather is unusually gorgeous so we walked.
We ordered six dishes and one piece of baklava. I nibbled for taste, drank a diet soda, ate all the veggies and took one bite of the baklava-which, btw, was delicious. The food was very good and the tastes were enough to satisfy me. I have enough info to be able to write the article and I'm not feeling guilty (or bloated!) about the meal.

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