Thursday, May 29, 2008

Too much time on my hands or how I avoid working

I've been my clothes take up more space in my luggage than the clothes of a waif thin woman? I mean, now that the airlines are charging to check bags, is this going to be a problem for fat people? Does my bag weigh more because there's more fabric on my clothes? Just thinking.
Been paying very close attention to TV commercials this week. Why am I watching television when I have deadlines looming? Just for that reason. It calms me down. Anyway, commercials. All about food. And not just food but big portions of very calorie dense foods. Lots of whipped cream, shiny sauces, pizza slices laden with toppings and burgers that look like they weigh two pounds. None of the commercials appeal to my appetite. In fact, the food styling just doesn't do anything for me at all. A commercial for french toast topped with whipped cream and what looks like gooey gloppy sugary syrup (it even "looks" artificially flavored) really doesn't appeal. In fact, it works well as an avoidance activity. Watch the commercial, gag, don't eat anything for a few hours. I should watch more TV!

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