Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Face the music

Today is my first weigh in at WW. Should have been on Saturday but we were in LA and I couldn't find a convenient meeting. I have no idea what to expect. I had lost a few pounds when I weighed myself (bad girl!) last week but that was before the debauchery over the LA weekend. I'm going for the weigh in BEFORE I eat lunch at the restaurant I have to review later today. I'm not stupid!
And now I'm planning my Mother's Day weekend. We're going back to LA to spend it with the girls (our daughters, 32 years old and 35 years old). I've made reservations for Friday night (at the restaurant where I ate the chicken skin!). Nothing yet for Saturday or Sunday. Still deciding. Saturday daytime will be spent with nephew who will be in LA for a wedding. We haven't seen him since last October. There will be a lunch together on Saturday as well. He's a picky eater so not sure what we will do for lunch. Does everyone plan their meals this far in advance? Do skinny people think about what they will eat before they sit down to meal at a restaurant?
I've already promised myself some very tasty morsels as a "reward" for reaching my goal weight! Is that too sick? And wouldn't losing the weight be reward enough! Apparently not for me.
What's interesting about the Core program is that I have had very few carbs. No bread since I started the diet. Potatoes a few times. Brown rice twice. Whole wheat pasta once. I've had oatmeal a few times.
I once attempted the Atkins Diet. I lasted two days before I broke down and had bread. Was it because I was not allowed that I longed for bread? Because I'm not longing for it now. Or potatoes or rice or pasta. All of which I'm allowed to have once a day. Yesterday I had oatmeal. That was the only grain I ate. Lots of veggies, fruits, shrimp, chicken but no other "starches".
Wish me luck at the weigh in.

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