Wednesday, June 11, 2008

weigh in again

My spirits are down. 0.4 lb. I mean, that's not even 1/2 pound for goodness sakes. That's ounces. That's what my hamburger weighed! Well, maybe that's the problem right there. That's what my burger weighed last night. Maybe a bit too much. I'm in a slump. I'm disheartened. I'm sad. Sigh.
Oh, well. Back to thoughts of indulging on my birthday on Saturday. Which do I want more? Fried chicken or a smaller waist? Ribs or a flatter tummy? French fries or fewer rolls around my bra? It's one or the other. Apparently I cannot have it both ways. Every little indulgence seems to stick to my ribs, my ass, my waist and my belly.
At this rate I will reach my goal weight in 2009! Why, 0.4 lb could just be the difference between peeing before the weigh in and not peeing. Give me a break!

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