Monday, June 16, 2008

Back in the saddle

The weekend of celebration is over. Birthday. Father's Day. Excuses for indulgence are used up. Made my morning smoothie with just fat free Greek style yogurt instead of skim milk. Wanted to try something different. Tangy and delicious. A new taste sensation for me. I'm in love with that smoothie!
Mentioned something last week to a friend about why I was postponing the several lunches that people wanted to take me out for to celebrate my birthday. The lunches were scheduled for this week-after the debauchery of the weekend. I canceled them because I wanted to get back into the rhythm of eating with more restraint. At first it was almost difficult to go overboard but as the weekend progressed, I could feel myself letting go. I didn't want that to happen. So I'm back in the saddle, hoping to regain the rhythm-the momentum-of restraint. To keep the horsey analogy going-hoping to reign in my potentially out of control eating. To do that, I have to eat at home where I can exercise the most control over what goes into my food and into my mouth. So far so good. I mean, I didn't go outside the realm of normality over the weekend but I could feel the tug. I'm trying to avoid that tug toward indulgence so that I can avoid that feeling of not being able to breathe in my clothes!

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