Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aftermath of Indulgence

Five days in LA. Probably five pounds added to my frame. Not planning on a weigh in today. I don't have the strength of character to face the WW leader. I know I gained weight. That's why I am "die*ting"-because when I eat what I want, I gain weight. And I didn't eat all that I wanted this past week. But I sure did eat a lot. The purpose of the trip was to eat. I had to fulfill the purpose, after all. This is the second trip I've taken with my friends for the sole purpose of eating. Decadent. I know. But lots of laughs and worth every calorie.
It was my intention to stick to my regimen. I was going to be on the outside looking in-watching them stuff their faces with huge quantities of delectable foods. As soon as we walked into the dim sum restaurant, I knew all was lost. The little dim sum plates were piled high on the table by the time we were finished. I was a little disappointed in myself. Not a lot. But a little.
And so it went. Indulgence after indulgence. Some delicious beyond description (like the involtini at Jar) and others not worth a second bite (like the fish at Lucques). The pastrami at Langer's was worth every calorie. The burger at Akasha-not. There were moments of clarity-like when I turned down the Pinkberry. But mostly I was in a food haze the entire time. Right down to the last crazy moment: a sandwich on white bread. But not an ordinary sandwich. Each of the three layers was spread with perfectly sweetened whipped cream and cut up fresh fruit. A layer cake made with white bread! Now if it had been whole wheat, perhaps I might have thought of it as a health food! It was worth every calorie. Whipped cream. Sweet summer fruits. What could be bad! A little weird. On white bread. Loved it. How simple.
I passed on the tacos, enchiladas, nachos, guacamole and laksa (Mexican and Indonesian food at one meal....yes). I was stuffed from my whipped cream sandwich.
Back on track today. Oatmeal. Salads. Veggies. Fish. Actually relieved to be eating simply again. It was fun but my old body cannot take the assault of calories with the same grace that it once did.

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