Monday, June 9, 2008


I used to be an elementary school teacher. A long time ago. In those days, we talked a lot about "readiness". Kids couldn't be expected to learn to read until they were ready. There are many aspects to readiness-skills like being able to recognize the different letters-but attitude is also one of the readiness factors. Most kids, thankfully, do want to learn to read so attitude doesn't usually hold them back. For those of us trying to lose weight, though, attitude may indeed be a confounding factor.

If you hate yourself for being fat, then your attitude may be a hindrance.

If you think that eating healthier means giving up every flavorful food in the world, then your attitude may be a hindrance.

If you think that eating healthier to lose weight is a closed end proposition-that you're going to do it for a few weeks or months but then go back to old habits, then your attitude may be a hindrance.

I think I was finally ready this time. I've been on every diet ever written or discussed on Oprah or advertised in magazines. Been there done that. I can lose weight. Who can't? Big deal. Eat less, exercise a bit more. Voila. Pounds lost. It's the maintenance that's a problem for me. Make the commitment for the long haul. Sticking with it after the belly is gone. That's when I lose focus. This time I think I'm ready. Even when presented with opportunities to indulge, I'm treading lightly. And honestly my brain is no longer full of dancing cupcakes!
As my birthday approaches, I will admit that I've been pondering my indulgences. Fried chicken wings. French fries. Ice cream. Ribs. Burgers. Pizza. And more. Even now as I list them, I'm feeling a bit conflicted. Do I want to undo what I've worked hard for these last few weeks? Will chicken wings soon be obsolete so this is my very last chance to have them? Is it worth gaining weight or slowing down the loss to eat something that will taste utterly divine????
Not sure. I don't have to make that decision today. Or tomorrow.
That's why I think I'm ready this time.

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