Thursday, June 5, 2008

Managing my food life

Because I'm constantly reading about food, writing about food, shopping for food, eating's tough to clear my mind and think of something else. A trip to LA again this weekend for a writing workshop at UCLA. Looking forward to it. An opportunity to connect with other writers. Learn something. Maybe come home energized and ready to tackle some new opportunities. But also dreading it. Eating out. Not on schedule. Temptation. Next week-restaurant review, dinner out with friend for my birthday, two days of professional meetings-one day I am presenter. When will I eat? What will I eat? What will be available? Carry food with me? Well, not really a good option. First, don't want to call attention to myself-the dieting dietitian. The meeting is the state dietetic association. Nope. Not necessary that every dietitian in AZ knows that I am on a diet. Me. The mindful eating/intuitive eating/non diet approach crusader. On a diet.
So, am I on a diet? Probably not. I haven't looked at the allowable foods list since Day 1. I don't count points. That's too much trouble. Trying to stick to simple foods, unadorned, as much as possible. The eating out is definitely derailing me, though. The trips. The meals at restaurants. No way to avoid them. Just have to muddle through and do the best I can.
I think I'm in a stupor about this dieting thing at this point. Right now I don't care if I never eat another slice of bread again. Dessert? Not on my radar. Candy, cookies, cake, cupcakes? Not dreaming about them. In fact, worried that next week people at the gym will be baking for my birthday. I will graciously accept their offerings. But I don't have to eat the treats. I can take them home and freeze them for later consumption. To be devoured when my newly svelte body demands something caloric.
Would love a big hamburger, though. A bowl of pasta. A few slices of pizza. Maybe a fried chicken wing or two. Guacamole with chips. Potato chips! Some Chinese food. A lot of Chinese food. Tempura? Sure. All at the same meal. Oh, and a Pepsi. Not diet. With lots of ice. From a fountain. Not a bottle or can. Fountain Pepsi, if it has the right amount of syrup...heavenly. More. There's more. Always more foods that I want. For now, though, KISS. Makes it easier. And easy is good.

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