Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Thoughts on Oprah

Oprah and I have something in common-we diet, we lose weight, we gain weight back. She's made a public spectacle of her weight loss attempts. At the same time, she's made lots of people rich and famous. There was Rosie, her chef. There's Bob, her present diet guru. Oh, and Dr. Oz, of course. It all started with the liquid protein craze. Each time, she thinks she's found the truth but the truth eludes her. She gains the weight back. She always sounds convinced that this time will be the last time but, alas, it never is. She's looking kind of chunky again. Mostly she looks like she's encased in an iron girdle-keeping her upright and contained.
I expect she'll be looking for some new regimen some time soon. And when she finds it, another person will become rich and famous. The good that comes out of this is that we realize she's like us-all the money and fame in the world cannot make her slim for life. Only she can do that. And she hasn't been successful yet. Anyone can lose weight. Only a handful of people can keep it off. Oprah as yet is not a member of the maintenance club.
If she can't do it with all the help at her disposal-cooks, trainers, doctors-what hope do we have???? Perhaps we have to show Oprah the way. It isn't with gurus or plans or deprivation.

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