Thursday, June 26, 2008

Clean wholesome food

It wasn't that difficult to get back to eating the "right way" yesterday. In fact, it was easy. I so much enjoyed the few days of gluttony-I mean, who wouldn't love a white bread sandwich filled with sweetened whipped cream and fruit??? But all the sauces and flavors exhausted my palate after a while and I really did long for something plain. Some food that tasted like the food it was. I wanted one stalk of broccoli that was just broccoli with nothing on it-except maybe for a few grains of sea salt (I'm a "gourmet" after all...has to be sea salt). Plain and simple. Clean and fresh. Flavor coming from being fresh.
A trip to the farmer's market yesterday yielded two bags full of fresh summer fruits and veggies. Then a quick trip to Trader Joe's where I found something new-black apricots. Black apricots. They're juicy and delicious. They sort of look like plums with their dark skin but the skin is not smooth-it's fuzzy like an apricot's. The flesh is yellow orange and delicious. I never heard of black apricots before but they're damned good! Who needs white bread sandwiches filled with creamy sweet whipped cream when you can have fresh summer fruit?

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