Saturday, June 14, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Tim Russert's death has hit me hard! It's like he was a friend. I am a faithful Meet the Press viewer. I time my Sunday gym run to coincide with the show so I can watch while I pedal away on the bike. I will miss him. I'm bummed.
That being is a grand day. My birthday. My 64th birthday. And I don't look a day over 50. Or so people tell me. Like it's a compliment to look 50! LOL. That kills me. I mean, can you imagine when you are in your 30s that some day you will consider it a compliment to be told you look like you're in your 50s!
First, we're off to see Sex in the City. My husband's birthday gift to me-not to complain, grin and bear it. Then for a hamburger (at Deluxe for those of you who know this town) and maybe some fries. Haven't decided just how far I'm going to go. No need to decide in advance although I've already decided to forgo popcorn at the movies.
Then to see a second movie. Because I love seeing two movies in one day. Not sure which will be the second one. Something amusing. Then we'll see. More food? Depends. If I'm hungry and if I can think of something I want. Right now a nice juicy burger is calling me.
The longer I die*t the less it seems like a die*t and the more it becomes an every day lifestyle. I'm not having cravings at all. Which I find interesting. Usually my mouth calls out for foods, for textures, for flavors. Right now, not happening. But we'll see what happens as the day progresses. Perhaps the movie will have a restaurant scene and what they're eating will be a temptation.
Happy birthday to me. Thank you, God, for giving me this life.

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