Thursday, June 19, 2008

Skinny Clothes

My advice: Don't give away your skinny clothes. We've all got a wardrobe of various increasing sizes. Every year, I go through the closet performing the emotionally destabilizing activity of trying on clothes in last year's size. Ugh. I'm not even sure they fit when I bought them but one year later, they don't. That's for sure.
Save or recycle? Depends. I usually take them to the resale store. I figure there's no reason to save them. I'm never going to fit into them. Well, never arrived today. Even though I haven't lost that much weight, some old stuff fits. And fits well. Fits well enough that they might end up too big in a few weeks. Wouldn't that be a kick???
Most of the old stuff is gone. Long ago. Bags of clothes dragged off to the resale store near my house. My clothes sell well. I must have good taste or maybe it's just that they're practically brand new when I take them in. Nothing ever fits me for more than one season!
I'm thinking I might go buy back my old clothes. Silly. I could buy them back at a discount and get some money back for buying them. But, no, that makes no sense at all.
So hold on to the skinny clothes. I mean, we all hold on to the fat ones because we're fatalistic. We just know that one day we will fit into those again! Well, when this is over (when will it be over?) and I've gotten to my goal weight, I'm tossing the fat clothes. Giving them away. Hasta la vista huge sizes. Bye bye baggy tops. Ciao elastic waist pants. No. Not the pants. They're comfortable. Perfect for dining out. Not the pants.

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