Sunday, June 15, 2008

Birthday aftermath

Boohoo. My birthday is over. I'm just another 64 year old woman. Not the birthday girl! It went by way too quickly. What to eat....whether to eat...that's what I was thinking about for days.
First I went to the gym for a step aerobics class. Had a great time. Lots of loud pounding music and jumping around. Totally fun.
Then I had my usual smoothie for breakfast. Not much into breakfast foods so no desire to go outside the realm of acceptable foods.
Off to the movies. Late lunch at a nearby burger place. They have the best burgers served on brioche rolls. Ate about 1/2 the burger with a few french fries and that was enough. Chose to drink diet soda although I considered a real sugar Pepsi. But thought the burger and fries were enough.
Another movie. Then home for a while. Poor doggie needed our company. Then to downtown Asian restaurant that I like. Ordered two dishes-neither one particularly starchy or oily or fattening. The portions at this place are small and mostly veggies. We actually didn't finish the two dishes.
No desire at all for dessert. Tried to think what I would want. Nothing came to mind or to mouth! There just wasn't anything I wanted-didn't want ice cream or pudding or mousse or cake or cookies or brownies or anything sweet.
Half a burger, a few fries and some relatively healthy Asian food. Hmmm. Have I changed???? Heavens. Scary. Could have had fried chicken but even now that's not sending me into ecstasy. I mean, a plate of ribs with some fries would be delish but I don't really want that.
Sharon, you're a weird one!

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