Friday, June 6, 2008

No one has noticed

Not one person has noticed that I've lost weight. I guess I'm not yet a shadow of my former self. Yet, that's good that no one has noticed. I'm slightly embarrassed that I'm on a "diet" since so much of my professional time has been spent speaking out against the regimentation of diets. "Diets don't work". Yeah. We know. Well, they do if you follow them! For life.
So no one notices but me. Maybe because I'm still wearing the baggy shirts that cover my business really well. Maybe because I tend to wear pretty ratty clothes to the gym. No sense getting "dressed up" to sweat. Just as with my regular wardrobe, my workout wardrobe comes in a variety of sizes from large to extra large. The large t-shirts were just too tight for me to feel comfortable in. I won't wear any article of clothing that shows rolls and bulges. If I haven't done the wash in a while (!) and I'm left with only the large size shirts, I follow a ritual of stretching and tugging until the shirt hangs far away from my body. I must shield myself. Keep what I have and don't have hidden under baggy clothes. As if that fools anyone! So last night, one of the large formerly snug t-shirts fit. Without stretching. Hallelujah!
I guess I'm okay with the rest of the world not noticing my trimmer body. I'm noticing it! And I'm happy about it. I don't love myself any more. I kinda liked myself before. I'm just happy to be breathing in my pants and feeling freer in my clothing. I'm shrinking!

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