Friday, June 20, 2008

LaLa Land Temptation again!

Off to LA again. Sun. Sea breezes. Svelte gorgeous bodies. Lots of farm fresh fruits and veggies. What more could anyone ask for?
Lots of eating to be done. Restaurant reservations made. People to see. Places to go. Things to do. Almost all involve FOOD. Another test. I'm feeling up to the test right now. Until I get to the airport. The Starbuck's counter sells this marble pound cake (pound many pounds does an all butter pound cake add?) that I really like. I only eat it at the airport when I am leaving in the early morning (and a 7:20 flight, I believe, qualifies as EARLY). I shall not eat it today. I shall not eat it today. I shall not eat it today. I can taste it in my mouth right now. But I will be strong. Because I want to "save" the calories for the big meals. For the good meals. I will be strong.
Wish me luck!

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