Wednesday, July 30, 2008

More on airport eating

I've just returned from vacation full of thoughts about dieting, weight loss, eating and lots more. First there was the issue of what to eat at the airport. That was never settled to my satisfaction. I ended up eating a small bag of pretzels, washing the salty crunchy morsels down with some lukewarm water. Not exactly my idea of a gourmet meal or a nutritious one but the pickings were slim to none.
Sometimes you just have to eat even if there isn't a good choice. I should have done that. I could have had a personal pizza from Pizza Hut. I could have wiped off some of the oil and taken the cheese from half and put it on the other half so I would have eaten only half the crust. A bit messy, perhaps, but doable. I didn't do that. Instead, I ate the pretzels and thought about how hungry I was all the way to LA. Feeling hungry and deprived is not good for sticking to a diet.

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