Thursday, July 3, 2008

Dieting is boring

Here it is. The reason I lose interest in die*ting. And by die*ting, I mean following a regimen-any regimen-whether to lose weight or reduce cholesterol or whatever. Because I cannot eat whatever I want. I'm getting bored. This is a great time of year-so many fresh fruits and veggies (even though some of them are tainted!). I should be in heaven. And I am. For a while. Then boredom sets in. And I am overcome by desire for novelty. A new ice cream store just opened a few miles away. They serve "Hawaiian" style ice cream. I don't know what that is. I am a curious person. I should be running out the door to try the cool creamy Hawaiian concoctions. Just as an intellectual exercise, of course. And if I "run" out the door, will that count towards exercise?
I'm not, however, running or walking or crawling out the door to try the ice cream. I'm on a blasted die*t for goodness sakes! I know. It's a holiday weekend. Should I lighten up (and I don't mean my weight!) and go for it? Thoughts of ice cream have been pushing out all thoughts of broccoli all day. Should I just go to taste a few flavors? The little spoon kind of tastes, I mean. But that would be rude. To taste for free and not buy. So I should buy at least one scoop. But then I would only know how one flavor tastes. That's not a good assessment of the product. What if someone asked me about the Hawaiian ice cream flavors? I couldn't speak authoritatively unless I had sampled several flavors.
See, this is the kind of stuff that clogs my brain. Should I? Shouldn't I? Since I usually tell myself I shouldn't, the next logical question would be, "Why not?"
Because your belly is too big. That's why not. Because your chin has its own chin rest. That's why not.
So back to the mundane. Back to skinless chicken and fish. Back to grilled veggies and brown rice. Back to oatmeal and skim milk. Sigh.

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