Wednesday, July 16, 2008


He's lying. He's cheating. He's trying to get back at me because I don't stay for the meetings. He's the WW leader at the meeting where I weigh in. I know he did something. First, he turns the scale so that the person being weighed cannot see the number. That didn't bother me until today-when HE says the scale said I gained 0.6 pounds. I didn't. I couldn't have. It's impossible. I can see and feel and measure that I've lost weight. And I was wearing my usual featherweight clothing, took off my shoes (even removed my sunglasses, for goodness sakes!) and I had a haircut yesterday. So give me a break. He's cheating.
Speaking of cheating:
One scoop of ice cream
Fried calamari
Tuna salad sandwich with mayo
Huge hamburger
Sweet potato fries
Do those count as cheating? Because I had all of that since last week.

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