Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thoughts of cookies and ice cream and other delicious foods

I want a cookie. Or a piece of candy. Or perhaps some ice cream. Of course, I don't want one cookie or one piece of a candy or one scoop of ice cream. I want lots. Quantity. And quality ingredients, of course. But I must not. I should not. I shall not. I will not. Because according to the lying cheating WW leader, I gained weight.
I've decided to go for my weigh in at a different time next week. Different day. Different leader. I'll show him! Or myself.
I'm not hungry. No rumbling stomach. No emptiness. No light-headed feeling. Just a "want". Not a need. So I'll hold fast.
I'll no doubt dream of hot fudge sundaes tonight. With lots of thick gooey hot fudge-the kind they have at Carvel. Hold the nuts and whipped cream. It's the hot fudge that's important. In fact, hold the ice cream!

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