Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eating on the fly

I have tried to follow the recommendations we dietitians give to our clients about packing food if we know we might not be able to eat on time or to eat appropriately. It's impossible. Tomorrow I'm taking a flight at 1:40 pm. I know I probably will not be hungry for lunch before I board the plane. Truthfully, I wouldn't want to eat lunch before I take a flight-queasy stomach. What to pack to take on board? Well, cannot take yogurt. Won't allow through security. No blue ice to keep the food cold. That's forbidden as well. So I can't pack sandwiches or salads or anything that has to be kept cold. What's at the airport for me to purchase? Burger King. Mexican. Japanese rice bowls. Nathan's. Cinnabons. Nothing I would eat even if I were not trying to eat healthy food. That sort of leaves meal bars. And I don't eat those. They all taste like sand to me. Gross. So I'm left with salty pretzels and water to keep my hunger at bay until we land. Maybe I'm making too much of this but it seems like a real dilemma for picky eaters-I'm admitting that I'm a picky eater.
I suppose the solution is to choose a flight that does not interfere with mealtimes.

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