Sunday, July 13, 2008

Light snacks and other confusions

What are light snacks? Snacks that don't weigh much? Snacks with few calories? Snacks that are fluffy? The workshop leader e-mailed us that she would be offering light snacks. I don't snack BUT I knew I would be sitting around with a group of other writers listening and writing. They would be eating the light snacks so I would no doubt be tempted. I just didn't know what light snacks might be. Now I know that "light" means different things to different people. It seems that slender people think that Oreos are light snacks. That chocolate covered wafer cookies are constitute a light snack. There were also blueberries and carrots. I think we would all agree that those are indeed "light".
The cookies were not tempting. They were "ersatz", faux. Bought at Trader Joe's, they weren't the trans fat laden treats that might call to me.
A "light" lunch followed the light snacks. Pasta salad, hummus, chips. Hmm. A carbohydrate lover's lunch but not light by my standards.
What to do when I'm at someone else's home and confronted with foods that do not "fit" my eating profile? The solution: nibble. Drink water. Wait until I can get what I need and want.
And now I know that "light" doesn't mean very much when you're not fat.

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