Sunday, July 6, 2008

Weight Watchers?

Am I really on WW? I don't ever look at the program book. I don't keep a food journal. I don't weigh and measure or count points. I just eat-what I know I should be eating. Fruits, vegetables, lean poultry, fish, low fat dairy, whole grains. OMG. If I were on WW, I would be paying more attention to the points I eat on the weekends when I allow myself to eat out and choose ingredients that "cost" points. But I don't.
I go for a weigh in. I pay my $13. I don't read the literature the leader hands me after I am weighed. I don't stay for the meetings. I can't. I'm an RD. I know more than the leader and the leader says stuff that he has been told to say. Some of it he misstates. I heard him tell a woman some long discredited info about drinking water. The latest scientific info says that we don't need the 8-10 glasses of water that's been touted in the media. But he can't know that because he's just parroting what some old WW's leader told him.
I'm really not like most of the other people there. I don't eat when I'm depressed (I'm rarely depressed) or sneak food or eat at McDonald's (Yuck!) or any other fast food restaurant. I don't use butter on my bread or eat chips and dip or drink beer. I haven't had a three egg omelet in my life. Cheese? I'd rather die than eat cheese. I rarely snack. I've been exercising my whole life-more vigorously than most people will ever attempt. I'm fat because I eat too much. Of very good food. Well prepared food. And because I'm older and it just gets harder and harder to keep the weight off as you age. Oh, and let's not forget the Pepsi. That definitely contributed. But I haven't had a deliciously fizzy sweet Pepsi in a while.
The less I eat out, the more I lose. Whether it's because of poor choices (too any calories in the dish I order) or because I eat too much (most usually the case), eating out is the problem. At home, I'm fine. I control every aspect of the meal-the ingredients, the cooking technique and the quantity I serve myself.
So I guess I'm not on WW. I guess I'm doing what I should be doing which is eating healthfully in a mindful manner. Just not sure I can sustain this for the rest of my life. One day at a time.
So I guess I'm not on a die*t and certainly not WW. I just use WW to keep me honest.

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