Friday, August 1, 2008

Curmudgeon Day

It's one of those days. I'm feeling curmudgeonly. I'm pissed about the "healthy halo" (I'm going to trademark that expression...I really like it) effect of adding pomegranate or acai juice or any of the other so-called miracle ingredients to foods. Just because a breakfast cereal is high in fiber doesn't make it the best choice. And water that has vitamins dissolved in it is really no different than swallowing your morning vitamin with a glass of water. It's just more expensive. "Smart Water"? Does anyone really feel smarter after drinking it? I'm so over all of this manufactured hype.
People will spend money on promises not backed up by science but they'll continue to smoke or damage their bodies in ways that are backed up by science.
And meal replacement bars. Ugh. Gross. I've never tasted one that was worth eating unless it was full of nuts, held together by caramel and dipped in chocolate. Oh, wait, that's a candy bar not a meal replacement bar.
If what I need is some calories to hold me over until the next meal and I'm willing to eat 250 or more calories from a "bar" then I'm picking a Snickers bar. Not a sandy, smelly, manufactured mess of ingredients molded to look like a candy bar but tasting like sawdust.
Just because something contains soy doesn't make it good for you. I love watching people chowing down on edamame in restaurants. Sure, they are actually a good snack. But they are high in fat...hello...where do we get soybean oil from? Soybeans! What are edamame? Soybeans. And people eat them as though they were green beans. Not. That's like dipping your bread in olive oil instead of spreading it with butter. Sure, olive oil is less saturated and has the "healthy halo" but it's still fat, it's got the same calories as butter.
Am I the only one who feels this way?
Perhaps the dieting is getting to me. Except that I am not dieting. Have not been for weeks. Trying to stay true to the spirit of eating healthier but I've given up the lists and the dos and don'ts. No more weigh ins. I'll save the $13 a week that I was spending going to the meeting to be weighed.
I have the scale at the gym figured out. I know that it registers two pounds heavier than the WW scale. I'll be my own WW leader. Applause for me when I lose. Scornful look when I gain. Sigh when I maintain.

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