Tuesday, June 30, 2009

My cold is hungry

I have a cold. A summer cold. It's 110 degrees and humid (Phoenix Monsoon weather) and I have a cold. Runny nose. Tearing eyes. Scratchy throat. If I wash my hands all the time, how could this happen to me! Whatever.
Here's the thing: When most "normal" people are sick, they lose their appetite. Sipping soup or eating dry toast is about all they can manage. Now, I admit that I'm not so sick. I mean, no fever or aches and pains. I did take a nap this afternoon, though, so that indicates that I'm not well.
So normal people don't want to eat when they're under the weather. Me? I'm starving. So hungry. Feed a cold. Starve a fever. Is that it?
Well, my cold is hungry. And I'm feeding it. Had my morning smoothie (yogurt, milk, banana, strawberries, chocolate syrup). Then...you might not understand this unless you're Jewish and from NYC...for lunch I had a bowl of wide egg noodles and cottage cheese. Comfort food for me.
Right now I'm getting ready to make turkey burgers, sweet potato fries and grilled veggies. I picked some figs from the tree out back and I'll grill them, drizzle them with honey and eat them with some yogurt for dessert.
And then? Well, it depends if my cold is sated by then or not.

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