Sunday, June 14, 2009

Birthday Gluttony

What does a fat dietitian do on her birthday? Why, eat, of course. In fact, it's been a weekend of gluttony. Friday night was Chinese food. Large quantities of Chinese food. For dessert, a hot fudge sundae. Saturday dinner was fried chicken, smothered potatoes, collard greens (see, green veggie!), very sweet and delicious fountain coke. Oh, and about five chocolate truffles--a gift from a wonderful friend. Sunday. What to eat today since it is the real birthday day. One truffle for breakfast followed by the usual gargantuan smoothie. That all went down easily. I know dinner will be sushi. What to eat before dinner? Hmmmm. Pizza? How to cap off the day? Another hot fudge sundae perhaps. Tomorrow I will lament not having had ribs. I was thinking about ribs. But I'm also thinking about sushi. Choices. When it comes to food, it's difficult to choose. I might actually have had enough. Here I'm allowing myself complete freedom to eat as much of whatever I want. And I'm running out of ideas.
What do I want for my birthday? Dara Torres abs. What did Dara eat for her birthday?

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