Sunday, June 21, 2009

More on rice cakes

"If it's good for you then I like it. If not, then I don't". Words of wisdom from my husband about the chocolate crunch rice cake I just asked him to taste.
So, is it good for him? It's only 60 calories. That's good, I guess. It's made with whole grain brown rice but no fiber content is listed on the label. Strange.
Only 1 gram of fat. I suppose that's good. So, of the 60 calories, 9 of them come from fat. 1 gram of protein. Not significant. 12 grams of carbohydrate with 4 grams coming from sugar (that's 16 of the calories from sugar) so that little light fluffy airy crispy nothing contains 1 tsp of sugar.
Now that's because I bought the chocolate crunch kind. By the way, the"crunch" is not from anything that is added but just because it's crunchy from the puffed rice and the chocolate is just on the outside, not all the way thru the cake.
So that's what a rice cake is--like puffed rice cereal. Which I would rather have. With milk. And fruit. To eat from a bowl with a spoon. Like real food.
The label suggests topping the rice cake with fat free whipped topping mixed with cocoa and sugar substitute, topped with strawberries. What? Fat free whipped topping? I don't think so. Yuck. I'd rather give up food for a week than eat that. I can't abide faux food. If you follow the recipe, the resulting "treat" offers 100 calories (not bad) and 1 gram of fiber (from the berries).
You know, I love crunchy food. Fried chicken. French fries. Potato chips. Taco chips. Fried onion rings. Anything breaded and fried. So the rice cakes appeal to me because they are crunchy. But even though they don't really taste "good", they could represent a problem for me. Because they're crunchy. I wouldn't just want to eat one. Once I start crunching, it's hard to stop. I'd rather crunch on fried chicken because that at least provides protein, vitamins and minerals. The rice cake, nothing.
Look, I understand the appeal. It's midday. You're craving something crunchy (and possibly sweet). And you don't want a carrot or an apple (I wouldn't either). So a rice cake might just be the answer. Not for me. I don't like the taste in my mouth right now.
It's not a good idea for me.

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