Monday, June 15, 2009

What's up with rice cakes?

What is it with dietitians recommending rice cakes as good snacks? Yes, they're crunchy and crunchy is good when you're feeling mouth hunger. But a rice cake without something on it is pretty gross. Dry. Isn't a good snack something that not only satisfies hunger and the need to chew and swallow but shouldn't it also be good for you? So, I get that it is very very low in calories (and taste) but those are "empty" calories.
And if I'm hungry, I need calories not just something to fill up the space for a few minutes. So that means adding peanut butter or some other topping to the rice cake and voila, now it's not so low in calories.
Are there whole grain rice cakes? Hmmm. I don't know. Yes, just checked. Even the brown rice cakes are low in fiber but at least they have some fiber.
I just think that a snack should do more than just satisfy hunger. It seems to me that a rice cake would only do that for a short time anyway.
So I'm going to buy some rice cakes today and see for myself. I mean, I don't want to be critical if I haven't experienced their weight loss powers.


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Leigh Ann, MyFamilyDoctor Mag said...

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Anonymous said...

ha THANK YOU! They really aren't that bad (I like the Quaker caramel mini ones...I'm not gonna lie), but they definitely DO NOT fill you up! Empty Calories, you said it. I would never (as an RD) recommend this as a snack, alone. Add some PB or Something. Crumble them into a yogurt? I don't know. Something.

Anonymous said...

That's too funny you posted about this. I've actually only eaten rice cakes once in high school because it seemed like a food so common and I figured to give it a try...the rest of them wasted away in my cupboard. And no, I have never recommended these as a snack to my cients - not the thing that will keep my belly full either!