Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Vacations of gluttony remembered

Each time we plan a vacation, food dominates the trip. We won't travel to a location that doesn't have good restaurants. Instead of researching museums and cultural sites, I research restaurants. I study chowhound, buy Zagat books, read through yelp and citysearch postings. I make lists. I read the food section of local newspapers online. When I get to our destination, I'm armed with reservations and maps to the local eateries. I'm obsessed.
We ate in 13 restaurants on our first trip to Napa. The trip was only seven days long. Most of those were lunch and dinner meals. Big meals. It was a vacation of pure gluttony (and gustatory pleasure). No photos of us. We were too fat. Didn't want to be immortalized at that size. (Funny, I would give anything to be that size again!). No. Just pictures of food. Gorgeous, delicious food.
Even our LA trips are centered on where to eat. I'm an avid reader of chowhound Los Angeles as well as the LA Times food critics. We usually have our first feast as soon as we arrive on Friday night. Saturday morning is always bialys at my husband's favorite place. He says they remind him of home (NYC he means) even though I doubt that either of us, after living away from NY for over 30 years, remembers what a NY bialy tastes like. Then lunch. Something grand and glorious. And dinner is always special. Don't forget the snack chocolates we buy for the room should we find ourselves starving before we go to bed at night. Food food food. It's all about food. Visiting the Getty? I don't know. What's their cafeteria like?

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Anonymous said...

We do the same thing wherever we travel! And I don't know about the cafeteria at the Getty, but The Restaurant at the Getty was a lovely meal - California/Mediterranean cuisine, and my husband and I loved our lunch there! Have fun!