Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Indulgence light bulb moment

What was I thinking? I wasn't. I haven't been. OMG.
I was just looking through a new web site ( because they've asked me to write an article for September. I wanted to get familiar with the site. I was checking out the women involved with the site.
Each woman answered several questions including what are your indulgence foods. OMG. That's when I had a light bulb moment--I don't really have any indulgence foods because I eat them all the time. Sure. Sure. I try to control the urge to eat pizza or fried chicken. And sometimes I'm successful. But for thin people, an indulgence really is a once in a while kind of thing. For me, it's normal to indulge. To eat one pint of ice cream. To eat 1/2 chicken, all crispy and fried. To eat three or four potatoes, fried. To eat five slices of pizza. To dip my fries in aioli. To drink Pepsi after Pepsi, refill after refill. To bread and fry.
What's an indulgence to a normal eater is an everyday food for me.
My mother loved chocolate. Loved it. She kept one of those very super huge Hershey's chocolate bars on the counter in the kitchen near the stove. The bar could last one week or more (unless I ate it) because she took off little squares, one at a time and not every day. Just one little square. That was her indulgence.
Or she'd bake a cheesecake. She also loved cheesecake. NY cheesecake. Dense and heavy with cream cheese and sugar. All she ate was what was left on the knife after serving someone. For real. She would just scrape off what was on the knife and call that her portion. Can you believe it?
That's how a normal eater treats an indulgence. Someone like me eats the indulgent food to excess, to pain and discomfort.
So much to learn.

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