Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Days of Meals

Last weekend I had the joy and privilege of participating in a religious rite of passage--a Bat Mitzvah. I missed out on the opportunity when I was young because in those days girls didn't go to Hebrew School and did not become Bat Mitzvah.
Two of my long time friends (over 40 years) came to Phoenix for the event along with our daughters and our nephew. Of course, it was anticipated that there would be eating. I mean, we have to eat. Right? Ah, but the kind of eating we engage in is perhaps slightly different than what "normal" people might engage in to celebrate.
Friday night was an Italian meal of consequence in its quantity.
Saturday brunch after the event was an unlimited buffet. Luckily there were so many people at the event that it was difficult to get to the table too many times---although the cookie table seemed to be very easy to access hence I ate about ten rugelach.
Saturday night was Mexican--again of enormous quantities.
Sunday lunch was American. I tried really hard to be reasonable since I was already beginning to feel the "weight" of all the calories.
Sunday dinner Chinese. Again,large quantities. Very large quantities of fried and greasy (and delicious) food.
Monday we hit the gym. Hard. Went to the movies and then out for a wonderful meal of normal proportions. We even declined dessert because I think we were all aware that we were piling it on just a little too much.
In the car on the way home, I asked one friend when she was leaving. She said, "Wednesday night." I said, "Oh, only six more meals". By this time, I was counting the "meals" instead of the days.
I offered to cook at home. Something sensible. But they declined. I suppose I could refuse to go with them. I could let them go stuff themselves. But I would be jealous of the flavors and textures they would experience.
Today it will be carne asada tacos. Tonight, sushi. Tomorrow....I don't know. I am so ready to throw in the towel, to raise the white flag, to fast! I need to be rescued. I am incapable of doing it myself. I can feel my clothes, the biggest sizes I own, tightening around my waist. This is a disgustingly delicious way to spend time with my friends. Six more meals. I can make it. I'm sure I can.

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Jenny said...

So glad you had a Bat Mitzvah!