Sunday, April 5, 2009

Goals and Guilt

Just read a post from a very well known successful dietitian about setting goals for weight loss. Of course he means small goals like losing five pounds in one month or exercising four times in one week. But what happens when you don't reach that goal even if you have done everything "right"? Guilt? Feeling hopeless? Like the weight will never come off no matter what you do? I'm not sure if even short term "realistic goals are a good idea. I want to lose weight. That's my goal. Do I have to make it more specific than that? By June 1? Twenty five pounds? If I keep the goal nebulous then I have a better chance of feeling successful. One pound weight loss in two months means I've lost weight and I'm successful.
Another typical component of a "program" is making a contract--a promise to behave in a certain way for a specified length of time. I laugh at those. I treat them like a big joke. Sure. I'll sign your contract. Do you think I'll really care if I disappoint YOU? I'm the one who counts and I don't need a contract to stick to an exercise routine or to eat less ice cream. I don't know what I need to help me stick to eating more mindfully. So far, nothing has helped me keep my eye on the target. Not even the photo of the buff Dara Torres on my frig. I smile at her wash board abs every time I open the freezer to get the ice cream.

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