Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Take out food

The closest Whole Foods supermarket is about twenty minutes from my house. I'm not actually a fan of the chain--I never understand what everyone loves about it. I drove by WF today and decided to stop in to buy a particular brand of brown rice that I know they stock. While there, my stomach started to speak to me. In fact, my stomach demanded food. So I stopped by the deli counter, picked up a rotisserie chicken and some golden beet salad.
Once home, I opened the bag containing the chicken and was shocked at it's size. I looked on the label for the weight but only the price was listed--$7.99. I estimate that the chicken weighs about 10 ounces (and that's with the skin and bones). I'm amazed. That much money for a dried out fatty chicken? Rip off.
The beets? Well, they're fresh but pretty flavorless. The worst part, though, is how much fat is mixed in with them. And it's flavorless fat. Not fruity olive oil which would have improved the taste of the dish. No. Just oil. Very little of anything else. The label at the deli said the beets were in a vinaigrette. I think someone forgot the acid because all I got was fat. Very disappointing.
And this is supposed to be "healthy" food? A puny dried out chicken and a bland flat tasting beet salad made with too much oil. Hmmmm.

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