Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kirstie all over again

I marveled at Kirstie's transformation. In the commercials even though she looked like she had been "poured" into her dresses, I thought she looked good. She held herself so erect that I guessed she was wearing an iron girdle under her wardrobe! Still, I was happy for her. I mean, you know. She wanted to lose weight and she was having success. I thought it was ridiculous that consumers would be taking HER advice. She's just an actress. Not a health professional. And someone who was being paid to push the diet. But we're always so impressed with fame. Me, too!
So now I'm so sorry for all those people (like me) who were taken with her success. She has "issues" around food and those issues were not dealt with. You know, some people are fat because they make bad choices because they don't know any better. For that very small group of chubbies, a few lessons on portion control and "eat this not that" and they're ready for a bikini. But issues. That's another story altogether. And Kirstie has issues. I don't know what her issues are....loneliness, perhaps? Sadly, since she is a Scientologist, she won't be getting any therapy or taking any antidepressants (lest Tom Cruise finds out!) so she will have to find other ways to deal with her issues. But until she does, expect her to chub up even more.

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