Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Biggest Loser recap

I had to rush to get dinner cooked before The Biggest Loser started. A dinner worthy of eating while watching the show: grilled lamb chops (all the delicious fat trimmed away), grilled veggies (crisp asparagus, red and yellow peppers, zucchini), baked sweet potato. All good. Right? Especially tasty while watching the contestants eat their soggy Subway sandwiches. BTW...those annoying on screen plugs are driving me crazy. I mean, when Jillian talks about chewing a specific brand of gum to stave off hunger. Give me a break. When the contestants spend so much screen time eating Subway sandwiches, it annoys me. If you're hungry, EAT. To me, gum is a "palate cleanser" to be chewed after a meal so I won't reach for something sweet and calorific to end the meal...not something to be chewed in place of food. Is that just me? And Subway? I haven't eaten a Subway sandwich in years. Hey, maybe that's why I'm fat!
Okay. So last night was makeover night. It is a truly a tear inducing segment each season. Amazing. Of course, I was hearbroken for the brother who was left behind. I'm hoping that in some way the show helps this kid. How is that the mother is so thin even though she lives with this family of beheomoth men?
The major thing that bothered me last night was that Bob, the trainer, told everyone to eat their sandwiches later because he wanted them to train long and hard. Eat later? They're hungry now. They need fuel for the training. Don't skip meals? Huh???? I was very upset with that scene. Did anyone else notice that? I mean, of course, they shouldn't be eating too close to the intense workout that he puts them through but they shouldn't be skipping a meal either.
Soon the contestants will be going home to finish up on their own. I really don't know who's going to win this season. Tara is an amazing athlete and she's dominated for a long time. She's an impressive woman. The kid is also very impressive and I would be happy if he won. I guess the people who are left are all pretty impressive. Even though the older woman is no where near as old as I am, I think I'd vote for her to win just because she's managed to keep up with all the younger contestants. (Notice, by the way, that I don't know everyone's name!)
Each season, I'd like for them to let us know who has regained the weight and who has remained weight stable. I'd like to know because I want to know how they remain weight stable. What are their strategies. What's different among the contestants that helps one keep the weight off and another gain the weight back.

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Subway sandwiches & gum to stave off hunger...I think not!