Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tamales and Peaches

I'm obsessed with food. Shopping for it, reading about it, cooking it but most especially eating it. Flavors. Textures. Smells. I think about food all the time. I drive down the street and think, "Maybe I'll stop at the Chinese restaurant for some wonton soup." I'm just back from our evening farmer's market. I went specifically for peaches. Our peaches ripen early here in the desert and the season is very short especially since the temps are already in the 100s. Got my peaches and should have left immediately. But the Tamale Lady was there. I stopped. I bought pork tamales. Why? Oh, and I ate two of them. It's not that I bought them but I also ate them. See, the buying isn't the issue. It's the eating that is the issue.
My excuse (EXCUSE) is that my livelihood depends on my knowing all about food....the latest trends, the newest restaurants, the best chefs. And this is true. Although friends who do the same work are not as obsessed as I am. It's not just a job to's my life. Food. Shouldn't something else be my life? Do I have to give up writing about food in order to stay away from food? Should I cancel subscriptions to food magazines? Give away all my cookbooks? How do I break free from the obsession if I am surrounded by food all the time?
The peaches are still in the bag but the tamales are eaten.

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