Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's over!

The Biggest Loser is over for this season. And the winner is....Helen. Hmmm. Okay. She lost the highest percentage of body weight BUT she lost too much weight. So maybe the way the game is decided is not the healthiest way to determine a winner. Helen's body weight is really too low right now. It will be interesting to watch her over the next few weeks and months to see how she does. No idea how she lost the weight since she left the Ranch leading up to the finale--for all we know she starved herself or she exercised 24/7. No idea how far she would go to win. Possible that she just continued to eat a healthy diet and exercise. Certainly she is a woman of great determination, potential and strength. She is a role model but perhaps not at this weight. I hope that as her life becomes more normal, she will gain back a few pounds and will land on a weight that she can maintain without following a stringent regimen. I would have thought that Tara would be the winner. She'd won just about everything else. And Mike. Good for Mike. I just hope that he can maintain his weight as he grows up since he's young enough to have a lot more growing ahead of him. Now if he can just inspire his brother! And Jerry. Hip hip hooray for the old guy! Now that's an inspiration!
So, the show. You know. It's getting on my nerves. The pace is so slow. The repeating and rehashing is getting old. You know they've got hours and hours of footage so why do they keep repeating stuff? I'd like them to focus a bit more on nutrition. I'd like them to get a little more "real". I'd like them to stop that damned product placement stuff. Jeez. Subway this and Subway that. Give me a break. And, Subway? Yuck. Sorry. Not my idea of a palatable meal. Soggy squishy bread. Blech. Baked chips??? Nope.
So, of course I'll watch it next season. I just wish they would change the format a bit. Speed up the action. Talk more about nutrition. And make it obvious to the audience that it's pretty impossible to lose that much weight in such a short time in "real" life conditions. Nor is it advisable.


Kelly O'Connell, RD said...

As a RD, I could not agree with you more on your thoughts about Helen. She did take it a step too far and I am afraid consumer's are going to think that is a healthy realistic weight for her. Also, yes, the show is darn slow and more nutrition NEEDS to be on there. THANK you fo rthis great write up!

sBs said...

So many improvements could be made for that show! Nice post...and I have to agree - Subway??? ewww....